How to Escape the Friend Zone And Make Your Crush Like You

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How to Escape the Friend Zone. That dreaded moment when you realize you’ve got feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Day in and day out you strive to be close to them and focus on what they’re up to. You give them gifts and offer favors when no one else will, and you put their happiness first, but they still only see you as a friend. In case you want to get out of that friend zone, avoid stress and disappointment and have a happy and healthy relationship, here are some simple tips and steps to take to get the guy or girl of your dreams to see you as more than a friend.

Figure out if it’s worth it 1:30
Know what you want 2:17
Keep your other friends in mind 3:05
Timing is everything 4:02
Get down to planning 4:43
Start small 5:26
Show that you’re partner material 6:10
Be courteous 7:22
Try breaking the touch barrier 7:57
Accept the results — no matter what 8:35


-You must decide if you can handle a worst-case scenario with all the embarrassment and pain that comes with it.
-If they have been your friend for a while but you’re only recently feeling something toward them, it may just be a simple crush, and the feeling will fade with time. The last thing you want to do is risk a good friendship for a weeklong crush.
-If you trust them, then consult a friend or 2 that know you both well. If a mutual friend is on your side, make sure you use them.
-No one wants to be asked out right after hearing bad news. Take notice of their emotions, and ensure that they aren’t going through a tough time.
-Start by figuring out how you can spend more time with your love interest. If you only see them at big events with other people, they will never get the hint.
-People need time to cozy up to new ideas and feelings. You don’t want to rush something and ruin it. Avoid intimate things (like kisses) until the time is right.
-Good partners don’t cancel plans or show up late. If you want to come across as more than just a regular friend, display the key qualities found in great partners.
-Your crush will not appreciate being hounded or shadowed. If you try behaving like a partner before you’re actually dating, they will resent you.
-Try grabbing their arm when they say something funny, or put your hand on their back when opening the door for them. If you feel confident enough, try tickling them slightly to see if they react affectionately.
-By chasing something that is already lost, you may lose even more. The last thing you want to do is hide your true intentions or deny your feelings when asked.

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