How to Fast: Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Exercise

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How to Fast. People have been fasting to promote physical and spiritual health for thousands of years. But it’s not like you can just up and start at the blink of an eye; there’s a lot more to it than that. There are certain tips you have to follow described in this video guide to fast safely and successfully.
People fast for different reasons: medical fasts are for patients that will undergo surgery or take new medication. Detoxifying fasts are meant to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and chemicals, like alcohol or sugar. Intermittent fasting is designed to promote health or burn fat. Spiritual or religious fasts are intended to free the mind for reflection while the body abstains from food.

Types of fasting 0:35
How to get physically prepared to fast 2:26
How to prepare your kitchen 3:32
How to do the actual fasting 4:19
Be determined 5:41
Distract yourself from food cravings 6:28
Track your progress 7:25
How to break a fast 8:45


-Fasts come in all sorts depending on the reason why a person needs to do it: medical, detoxifying, intermittent, spiritual or religious.
-Everyone’s body responds differently to deprivation, and if you’ve never fasted before, you might be surprised by how it makes you feel. You’ll have a much better chance at success if you know what to expect.
-Toss out or put away all prohibited foods and drinks. Clean out the fridge and freezer. If you’re doing a juice or liquid fast, stock the fridge with all the ingredients you need to make your drinks.
-See how it feels to fast for 8 hours one day on the weekend when you don’t have much to do. Check in with how you feel each hour. At any point during your fast, consider taking a nap. Sleep provides a ton of health benefits.
-Remember why you wanted to fast in the first place, and focus on crossing the finish line. Read up on the medical benefits of fasting to help you stay on course.
-Spend time with a friend or family member doing something not food-related. Make sure they know not to invite you out to eat and ask them not to eat in front of you. Go ahead and sleep as much as you want.
-Pay attention to repeating patterns and things to watch out. Keep a journal during your fast, particularly of your anger or crankiness. Write about the good feelings too.
-Start by drinking water. Eat a light meal. Be prepared for digestive issues. If your body isn’t used to solid food, you may get gas or diarrhea or feel nauseated. Enjoy the benefits!

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