How to Get Kids to Listen to You Without Being Too Harsh

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How to Get Kids to Listen to You

If you’re a parent, you are sure to wonder how to get kids to listen and make them obey. Although a tough task, it is definitely not impossible to achieve this. Let us discuss in detail, how to get your kids to listen to you.

Are they listening?

The first and most important thing when considering how to get kids to listen is asking yourself: are my kids actually listening to me? If your kids aren’t listening to you, you really aren’t getting your message across.

You need to make sure you do this while making eye contact and being face to face with them. Trying to threaten them and using a harsh tone never works.

How to get kids to listen without yelling

Once you’ve realized you need to get their attention when you need to convey anything to your kids, you’re already on the correct path. The issue is; how to get kids to listen and hear everything out without yelling or screaming?

Not only is using a harsh tone detrimental to a child’s mental health, but it also does not help you achieve anything and only creates negative energy.

What you need to do is kneel down or hold them close and use a playful and friendly tone. Explain what you’re saying, why you’re saying it and why you need them to obey.

How to get kids to listen and respect

Way to go, if you’ve grasped their attention, but it is also essential that kids respect what you say and listen to you each and every time. The attention-span of kids is short, and they are easily distracted; moreover, some are attention-seekers and ignore you on purpose.

Tackling these problems requires patience and effort on the parent’s part. You need to create an atmosphere where kids can easily interact with you and discuss what’s on their mind.

Be friendly, honest, loving and kind. Make sure you allow your kids to vent and make sure to listen; this will, in turn, make them respect you and your opinion.

How to get kids to listen and respect

Warn them but also let them face a few consequences

When it comes to how to get kids to listen to you obediently each time, it is also important to help them understand the reason for what you’re saying and why you’re saying it. Sometimes, discussing facts and logic enables the child to better grasp what they should and should not do.

However, this may not work each time.

What you then need to do is allow some things to happen on their own like letting the child face a few consequences of their actions; those that don’t hurt the child in any way but act as life lessons to them.

Get your kids to listen by using single, powerful words

This tactic works like a charm if used correctly.

Instead of yelling, screaming and desperately explaining, use single yet meaningful words to make them obey.

These single words act like commands and orders which a child responds to better, compared to endless explanations.

Tell them: ‘trash,’ for example, to make them clean up whatever mess they create instead of giving them a huge, boring lecture.

Make them listen by giving them a few choices

Instead of blatantly putting your point out, allow your child to choose from a few options. For example, if you want them to pick their plates after they’ve eaten, you can ask them to either put it right away or do so after they’ve watched a little TV.

This allows the child to grasp decision-making ability. Plus, they are more likely to do what you want them to since they do not feel like they are being bossed around.

Develop a schedule and routine

A child is more likely to follow a fixed plan more easily rather than random orders being thrown at them. If you divide playtime and tasks equally and properly, the child is more likely to follow the plan. They will then naturally follow orders without you having to ask them to do something.

Not only should the child be made to follow these plans, but the parent should also follow them too.

This enables consistency, and the child doesn’t feel like they are being bound to something they do not necessarily want to do.

Let them do a little of what their heart wants

When it comes to how to get kids to listen it all eventually narrows down to the love and respect they feel for you as a parent.

If you allow them to do a few things they really enjoy participating in, you’ll naturally get into their good books. It is simple, you listen to them, and they’ll listen to you. You make them feel loved and respected; they’ll reciprocate.

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