How to Know If a Girl Likes You

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How to Know if a Girl Likes You. In case you have crush on a girl, but you aren’t sure if she feels the same and you don’t want to embarrass yourself asking her, this one is for you. It’s possible to find out if the girl of your interest is also into you reading her body language and following some simple psychological tips. There are several sure signs that can help you figure out if your feelings are mutual.

Pay attention to her stance. 0:47
What about eye contact? 1:26
Does she try to touch you accidentally? 2:01
Does she mirror your movements? 3:01
Does she play with her hair? 3:39
Do you see her smile more often than others? 4:05
Does she shower you with compliments? 4:26
Pay attention to reactions from her friends. 4:45
Does she try to stay in touch? 5:18
Pay attention to her style. 5:54
Does she create situations that require your help? 6:21
Does she mention your relationship status? 7:12
Pay attention to her behavior around other people. 7:39
Take your own steps. 8:10
Admit that you like her. 8:39


-If a girl stands or sits in a way that keeps her torso turned toward you, this may indicate that she likes you. You’re also a lucky guy if her feet are pointed in your direction.
-A girl who likes you will keep her eyes on you. However, as soon as you look back, her glance will dart away.
-If a girl brushes you when she passes by, touches your arm after you tell a joke, or places her hand on your shoulder, it’s almost a sure sign of her attraction.
-If a girl mirrors your moves or even imitates you, this is a sure sign that she likes you. This phenomenon is called rapport.
-When a girl tries to draw your attention to her hair, she is most likely flirting with you.
-In most cases, when a girl likes you, she will smile a lot around you. Smiling indicates that she is happy in your presence.
-If you constantly hear from a girl how amazing your smile is, how unusual the color of your eyes seems, or how strong you look, be sure that she is into you.
-If her friends giggle or smile when they look at you, this may mean that the girl you like has told them that she has a crush on you.
-A girl may be too shy to tell you about her feelings, but she may invent different excuses to communicate with you either in real life or online.
-When a girl is into you, she will most likely try to impress you by dressing up. Perhaps her clothes will be fancier than necessary for an ordinary day.
-When a girl likes you but isn’t sure if you like her back, she may intentionally create situations in which she’ll need your help.
-A girl who is interested in you might casually try to figure out your relationship status.
-You must watch the girl you like around other people. And only when you are certain that it’s just you that she treats differently should you start to celebrate.
-It can be a good idea to take some steps of your own: smile at her to show her that you are happy to see her. If she returns your smile, she feels good being around you.

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