I Tested All the Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See What Happened to Me

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One of the Bright Side writers decided to conduct her very own experiment. She has tested firsthand the Internet’s most common tips to lose weight. Get ready for an eye-opener!
Please, keep in mind that everybody is different: what works for one person might not work for another, and vice versa! In this video, we want to share our own experience and conclusions!

Drink water before each meal 0:56
Aromatherapy 1:46
Brush your teeth instead of having dessert 2:36
Eat standing up 3:37
Hold silverware with the “wrong” hand 4:26
Use cool colors in the kitchen 5:00
Dine in the twilight 5:59
Choose foods that digest more slowly 6:48
Dress up for meals 7:37
Eat 2 pieces of dark chocolate when hungry 8:17
Acupuncture 9:01
Food separation 9:38
Chew everything 40 times 10:22
Use a smaller plate 11:14

Before the experiment, I thought that healthy eating meant greatly reducing your meal options. But some unusual tips and tricks work too! Don’t just blindly take my word for it, though! Something that didn’t work for me might very well work for you, and vice versa!
What means and methods do you use to shed extra pounds? Share in the comments! And if you also tried or repeated our peculiar experiment, or even if you’ve recently started a weight-loss journey, please hit the like button!

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