Interracial Marriage Problems – 5 Major Challenges That Couples Face

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Interracial Marriage Problems – 5 Major Challenges That Couples Face

Love is boundless. When you’re in love, one’s race, religion, and country doesn’t matter at all. It’s is quite easy to say these things today since interracial marriage is quite common. However, decades back this was considered a disgrace. Marrying someone from a different race was a matter of shame and it was considered a sin.

Did you know what does the Bible say about interracial marriage?

In Bible one can find lines where it says that if both are believers then marriage across race is not a crime.

This concept has come a long way from considered bad to becoming common in present time. Let’s have a look at its history and what’s the present scenario is in the US.

History of interracial marriage

Today, the interracial marriage statistics say that there are around 17% of the married couples are interracial.

Did you know when was interracial marriage legalized? It was in the year 1967. It was the Richard and Mildred Loving who fought for the equality and legalized it. Since then, there has been a rise in marital unions across race. The law supported the couples, but society’s acceptance was needed. It’s believed that the approval was around 5% during 1950s which rose to whooping 80% by 2000s.

Cross cultural marriages were banned or were not accepted in the society due to the difference in beliefs.

It’s understandable that when two individuals from different race and beliefs come together, there is a merger of two communities. With this merger, there will be certain clashes and differences that will emerge and if they aren’t addressed wisely, it may lead to the end of the marriage.

Before getting into the problems of inter-cultural marriages, let us have a quick look at the US law and acceptance.

Interracial marriage in the US

Interracial marriage in the US

As discussed above, the interracial marriage laws came into existence in the year 1967. Prior to this, there was an anti-miscegenation law that prevented individuals from marrying someone from different race. However, there were very less couples who were courageous enough to get married to someone they love irrespective of their race and religion.

Despite interracial marriage legalized, anti-miscegenation law was revoked and there still exists some social stigma related to black cross cultural marriages. However, the intensity is much less now.

There are broadly 6 types of cross cultural marriages: Asians with White, Black with White, Native Americans with Asians, Asians with Black, Native Americans with White and Native Americans with Black.

Interracial marriage problems

The interracial marriage divorce rates are a bit high as compared to the same race divorce rate. It is at 41% whereas the same race divorce rate is 31%. Though the interracial marriage laws by State are in place, there are cultural differences that lead to the separation. Let’s have a look at few of them.

1. Different cultural expectations

In cross cultural marriage, both the individual are raised in different environment and have different beliefs. For the time being, one can ignore each other but soon when they start living together, there are certain cultural expectations. Each of them would want other to respect and follow certain rules. This, if not solved on time, can lead to arguments and later divorce.

2. No acceptance from the society

The society is used to seeing people of the same race together. However, things are different in the case of cross cultural marriages. You both belong to different race and it is prominent when you both move out.

People around you, be it your extended family, friends or even general public, will find it hard to see through the companionship. For them, yours is a weird match and it sometime might hit you hard on the face. Hence, you both need to stay strong during such times.

3. Communication

When people from two different races come together, they both face linguistic problem.

It’s just not the language that comes as a hurdle, but the expressions and gestures as well.

There are certain words and gestures that will have different interpretation in different languages or regions.

4. Compromises

Compromises are a part of marriage; however, this doubles up in cross cultural marriages. In such marriage, both individuals have to adjust and compromise to fit in the family and expectations they have from each of them. Small things, like food and habits, can create unimaginable trouble between the both.

5. Family acceptance

In such marriages approval of the family members is essential. When the news of marrying someone out of the race emerges, both the families react frantically. They need to ensure that the decision is right and start eliminating all possible situations that can damage the marriage in the future.

It’s important for individuals to win their confidence and get their approval before getting married. The reason being they will be the first one whom you can reach in case of any problem in future; who would guide you through and will stand next to you.

These marriages are quite common these days, yet the challenge to accept and adjust remain the same. Both the individuals should respect each other’s belief and culture and should ensure that their marriage works out.

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