It’s Time to Start Thinking About Your Wedding Hair…

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April showers bring May flowers, but June and July bring out the most beautiful natural brides.

Before you jump down my throat, yes I know that every season has beautiful natural brides, especially since I got married in November. But, for the sake of our summer time brides I am going to give you some tips on keeping your hair flawless, and your special day sweat-free. (OK, I can’t really do that!)

Do you have to have straight hair?

I am all for freedom of choice, but please keep in mind climate, location, activities, and pictures when deciding on your hairstyle. Most blowouts cannot withstand hot humid climates. When brides tell me, “I want to make sure my blowout lasts throughout the day,” to which I reply, “Schedule a sew-in.”

Seriously speaking, that is a lot of pressure and I cannot guarantee that your hair will be silky straight the whole time. Natural hair is just that — natural. There is no chemical to keep the strands straight forever, and besides, every person perspires differently. I have clients that sweat out there blowouts in sub below 0 freezing weather.  So if gambling is not your game of choice, opt for extensions when choosing to go straight on your wedding day.

Updos are very popular and can be quite elegant. Doing a trial run, or two, or five may be necessary so you can get the feel of how your hair will hold up during your wedding and possibly your honeymoon. Getting styles that incorporate braids or twist can be a 2-for-one deal. Deciding on a updo? Here are some ideas.

1. Get your hair set on rods. Try various sizes of rods on different salon visits, so you can get a feel for what curl pattern you like the best. You can pin your hair up, incorporating loose twist and or braids.

2. Do a soft blow-dry stretch. You can either wear your hair free flowing and adorn it with fresh flowers, jewels, a headband, veil, etc. You can also incorporate loose twist and braids into an updo. When you take your hair down you will still have lots of texture, and you also would not have to worry about having smooth edges, which equals sweat-proof hair.

3. Blowout the hair and then silk it with a flat iron. If you want a sleek smooth blowout be sure to use an amazing edge define like Pravana Nevo edge define. This will give you a little reassurance (not 100% but close to 85%). Silked out updos will convert on your honeymoon especially if you are willing to take a few flexi rods.

All of the above styles will honestly convert to great honeymoon hair with flexi rods, ponytail holders, bobby pins, and creative videos found on DyeVerCity’s YouTube Channel.

We all know that you can plan for every possible mishap and something still goes wrong. So here are some quick fixes if your backup plan doesn’t work: Take with you some extra braiding hair along with a hair braider. You would be surprised how sophisticated a Couple of braids pinned around 2 ponytails can be for a bride.

Do not leave home without this

  • Bobby pins
  • Ponytail holders
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Rattail comb and large tooth comb
  • Edge define
  • Spray bottle
  • Hair moisturizer, cream, or butter
  • 2 Large towels

In essence, make sure you pack an emergency hair kit like your life depended on it.

If you don’t consider yourself a great follower of hair tutorials, I would definitely urge you to budget in your hair stylist attending. Of course you can always become best friends with that girl you know who can slay some natural hair (in fact make sure you make her an honorary guest, brides maid, or something).

I pray your wedding and your marriage is blessed beyond your imagination. Remember it’s your day don’t stress the small stuff. Let your hair down and have fun.

Have wedding hair on the brain?

Find some creative curly hairstyles on Style Nook.

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