Keeping the Spark Going: 5 Tips On How to Spice Things Up In A Relationship

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Keeping the Spark Going: 5 Tips On How to Spice Things Up In A Relationship

There’s nothing more memorable than to be in a relationship with the person you love and adore. It’s magical, surreal, and whatever sweet nomenclatures you want to call it. But of course, love isn’t always rosy and romantic. Eventually, arguments will arise that may shake and challenge your relationship.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make sure your partner will never get fed up with your relationship. For starters, exerting an effort can help prevent your relationship from going down the drain.

To further spice things up, here are the things you can do to upgrade your relationship.

Disconnect to Connect

Couples tend to argue because one them don’t have enough time for quality conversations. It can be caused by too much use of gadgets such as cellular phone. Some are even worse as they get caught up with online games and other things they read or watch online and becomes addicted to it which causes their partner to feel sad or neglected.

Give time to your partner and unplug from your devices to have a real-life interaction. Giving the attention that your partner wants will lessen the chance of having fights. It also reduces the possibility of break-ups.

Upgrade the Intimacy

Upgrade the Intimacy

There are a lot of ways to spice up the intimacy you have with your partner in bed. Being intimate doesn’t mean that it should be all about lovemaking. Holding your partner’s hands while walking or even having small talks while laying in bed can boost the level of intimacy you want for your relationship.

Now if you want to have a new experience in the bedroom. Try walking around the house wearing asexy lingerie only. It can surely spice things up in your relationship. When buying lingerie, make sure that you are prepared before wearing it.

Being clean down there can also add excitement when it comes to lovemaking. Some men prefer their partner to be clean in private areas. Now if you’re planning to surprise him/her, better make it your priority to have your private area clean by using pubic hair cutters so you’ll have the best result afterward.

Travel And Explore Together

Going to different places together can energize your relationship. Exploring things and places with your partner can surely give you happiness. If you’re happy, that means you’re contented. Traveling local or international might be expensive but treating yourself and your loved ones every once in a while can make your relationship more interesting.

Making memories in different places is one of the sweetest things a couple can do. So better plan it ahead of time to enjoy your little getaway with your loved ones. Make every moment count so that the fire in your relationship will keep burning.

Romeo And Juliet Style

Writing letters to someone is known to be a thing of the past. It may be a little cliche for some, but it’s still the best form of conversation especially if you’re aiming to make a classic and poetic way of saying all the things you want to tell him or her.

If you don’t have time writing letters like that, you can always improvise by using sticky notes. Leaving a message now and then can make your partner feel that she is special and loved. Simple notes like saying good morning can already lighten up a day of anyone who reads it.

Spoil Your Lover

If you’re already in a relationship especially the long ones, then you already know the things your lover likes and don’t like. If you have the time and budget for it, buy all the things that he/she wants the most.

Also, you can do all the things that he/she is supposed to do to make him/her feel special as well.


Making sure that the spark is still alive can be an obstacle for some. Never forget where you started and do everything you can to fix any problems you have. Patience and effort is the key to make sure the fire is still burning, and your affection for each other won’t fade away.

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