Makeup Tutorial | 23 Prom Makeup Ideas

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The prom season is here and I’m sure that you’re already going crazy thinking about what look to do on prom night. Chill out. These 23 prom makeup ideas will give you awesome inspirations and the makeup tutorial will get you through the steps too.

Prom night is undoubtedly one of the best nights of your high school life and there’s no question that you should look perfect on that night. Don’t feel guilty about scouring the web for the best of the best prom looks possible. You have every right to glam up!

Makeup Tutorial | 23 Prom Makeup Ideas

These prom makeup ideas should save you the trouble of worrying about your look too much. Here they are:

1. Shimmery Silver Eyes

image via: Nicole Guerriero-YouTube

How to Do Silver Shimmery Eyes | Prom Looks by Makeup Tutorials at //
Shimmery silver eyes

YouTuber Nicole Guerriero’s makeup tutorial not only teaches you the art of perfecting shimmery silver eyes for your prom, she will also help you do it with drugstore makeup only. This only mean one thing–you’re going to look beautiful without stretching your wallet!

2. Silver Cat Eyes

image via: Maya Mia-Instagram

How to Do Cat Eyes Perfectly | Makeup Tricks by Makeup Tutorials at //
Silver cat eyes

This silver cat eyes will make you look purrr-fect on prom night. This makeup tutorial will teach how to do your eyes on fleek including those eyebrows, drawing the cat eye right and of course, lengthening and volumizing the lashes to guarantee that you will be one sexy kitten. Meow!

3. Sexy Bronze Eyes

image via: Fashion Style Mag

How to Do Bronze Smokey Eyes | Prom Makeup Tips by Makeup Tutorials at //
Bronze smokey eyes

Bronze eyeshadow almost always look great in every occasion because it’s a mix of both subtle and sexy, it just depends what way you want to take it. In this tutorial, its a bronze smokey eyes look that will turn you into a bronze bombshell on prom night.

4. Shimmer Eyes

image via: Top Inspired

How to Do Shimmery Eyes for Light Skin | Makeup Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at //
Shimmery Eyes

You can never go wrong with going for shimmery eyes on prom night, because frankly, you’ll fit right in with all the glitz and glamour that night. This shimmery eyes tutorial will look great with neutral color dresses.

5. Simple and Chic Look

image via: Fashion-Kid

Simple and Chic Makeup for Blue Eyes | Prom Look Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at //
Simple and chic look for prom

Some girls prefer a more toned down look. This simple and chic prom makeup tutorial will help you achieve a natural look, which will actually look great in any colored dress. Just make sure to add more color in the lips to avoid a too muted look.

6. Beautiful Night Makeup

image via: Trusper

Step by Step Tutorial on Silver Smokey Eyes | Beauty Tips by Makeup Tutorials at //
Silver smokey eye

Are you someone who likes to go heavy on the eyes? This shimmery white and black smokey eyes tutorial should get you the eye drama you need. Don’t forget to pick a more neutral or nude shade for the lips.

7. Beautiful Smokey Eyes

image via: Weddings Eve

How to Do Dramatic Smokey Eyes | Prom Makeup Inspiration by Makeup Tutorials at //
Go dramatic with heavy smokey eyes

This smokey eye tutorial mixes a bit of bronze, dark silver and black to create the beautiful look. It will look beautiful on light-colored dresses. Make sure to frame the eyebrows perfectly and fill it in too. As a rule of thumb with smokey eyes, keep the lips neutral.

8. Natural Prom Makeup

image via: Lauren Curtis-YouTube

How to Achieve a Natural Look for Prom | Makeup Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at //
Natural and soft makeup for prom

Lauren Curtis’ YouTube tutorial on how to do natural prom makeup is one of the most popular ones out there. She does it perfectly and we’re sure you can too. Here, she went for a soft look by using pink eyeshadow, flushed cheeks and pink lips.

9. Barbie Look

image via: Express Mag

Pretty Prom Makeup for Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes | Prom Ideas by Makeup Tutorials at //
Look pretty with this Barbie Look

If you’re blond and you want to pull off bright lips, then you’ve got to do the Barbie prom look we have here. For the eyes, bronze eyeshadow is used, but as you can see, you must get your lashes on point with this look.

10. Gold Glitter and Red Lips

image via: Maryam Maquillage

Bold Prom Makeup with Gold and Red | Prom Party Looks by Makeup Tutorials at //
Go bold with gold and red

Go bold on prom night with this daring look. Maryam Maquillage shares a tutorial on how to do gold glittery eyes with red lips. Make heads turn with this prom look.

11. Gold and Black Makeup

image via: Emma Pickles-YouTube

How to Do A Classic Flawless Face Look | Natural Makeup by Makeup Tutorials at //
Subtle gold and black looks timeless

For girls who want to do a smokey eye but add a hint of gold because of their dress, this makeup tutorial should be the right one for you. It’s a very subtle look that will allow your dress to get all the attention it deserves.

12. Golden Smokey Eyes

image via: Fashion Style Mag

How to Do Golden Smokey Eyes | Bold Prom Looks by Makeup Tutorials at //
Be a goddess with metallic gold eyes

So we’ve given you glittery gold eyes and subtle gold eyes, now it’s time for a bolder approach-the gold smokey eyes. This look mixes gold, a bit of bronze and black to create that sun goddess look. Also, those light pink lip color complements the heavy eyes well.

13. Violet Eyes

image via: Gurl

Best Makeup for Blue Eyes | Beauty Tips by Makeup Tutorials at //
Violet eyeshadow looks great on blue eyes

For girls with blue eyes who want to make their blue eyes glisten on prom night, why not try this white and violet eyeshadow look? These colors look great on blue eyes but do be warned though, violet eyeshadow must only be used if it matches your dress too.

14. The Mature Look

image via: All Womens Talk

Bright Red Lips for a Sexy Prom Look | DIY Makeup by Makeup Tutorials at //
Be a lady for one night with this look

There’s no harm looking a bit older on prom night. After all, it’s one of the rarest nights in your life that you get to dress up and get all dolled up with your friends. To do this mature look, go heavy on the eyeliner and make sure to put on a bright red lipstick for extra appeal.

15. Pretty Prom Look

image via: Lauren Curtis-YouTube

Pretty and Natural Prom Look | Subtle Makeup by Makeup Tutorials at //
Get this pretty prom look for less

This is another prom makeup tutorial from Lauren Curtis. But this time, she made this pretty look for all the girls on the budget. You can achieve this look with mainly drugstore makeup.

16. Glittery Silver and Pink Look

image via: Mayra Touch of Glam- YouTube

How to Do Glittery Makeup | Shimmer Makeup Tips by Makeup Tutorials at //
Use roll-on shimmer on this one for more glitter effects

What a powerful combination this is, silver and pink together just looks awesome! But in this makeup tutorial, Mayra uses a different technique–using roll on shimmer instead of eyeshadow to get the shimmery icy look. Doesn’t it look so pretty? She only used drugstore makeup too!

17. Rock the Black Dress Look

image via: Alyce Paris

Best Prom Makeup for Black Dress | Red Lips Look by Makeup Tutorials at //
Bright red lipstick and black dress always goes hand-in-hand.

We know that black dresses are so popular in prom. It’s elegant and sophisticated. So if you’re wearing a black dress, make sure to match it with bright red lipstick, just like what Taylor Swift did here. Bright red lips plus a black dress is a deadly combination.

18. Simple for Silver Look

image via: Maryam Maquillage

Sexy Makeup for Silver Dress | Prom Look Inspiration by Makeup Tutorials at //
Dark berry lips complement the silver dress

A lot of girls have the belief that if they wore a silver dress, they immediately have to match it up with silver eyes too. Well, that’s not really true. Maryam Maquillage’s tutorial on this Chrissy Teigen inspired look is great for silver dresses. Keep the whole face simple and push the boundaries with a dark red berry lipstick.

19. Aqua Green with Gold Glitter

image via: Deviant Art

How to Do Glitter Gold Makeup | Eyeshadow Tutorial by Makeup Tutorials at //
Try this unique eyeshadow look

We are gushing over this look, how can you not?  Mixing aqua green with gold glitter is just pure genius and it gives you a very unique look for prom night–something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

20. Blue Eyeshadow

image via: Ready Set Glamour

Light Blue Eyeshadow Prom Look | Makeup Inspiration by Makeup Tutorials at //
Match light blue eyeshadow with blue dresses


A prom look inspiration list won’t be complete without the blue eyeshadow, which girls really love. This tutorial will teach you how to use this intimidating shade of eyeshadow and match it with your prom dress.

21. Almost Bare Look

image via: Alyce Paris

How to Do Subtle Cat Eyes | Beauty Tricks by Makeup Tutorials at //
Almost bare makeup with berry colored lips

At first glance, it seems like Kylie Jenner isn’t wearing any makeup at all except for her beautiful berry lips. While the lips is the focal point of this almost bare look, do watch out for the cat eyes, which is just a subtle detail in pulling off this oh-so natural look.

22.Rose Petals

image via: Deviant Art

Shimmery Makeup for Brown Eyes | Prom Look Tips by Makeup Tutorials at //
The beautiful mix of colors on the eyes will make you stand out.

We’re not particularly sure why this is called rose petals, but we could care less because it looks so beautiful. The mixture of gold, bronze and violet is very unique for a prom look. So if you want to be different, try this look out.

23. Metallic Blue Eyes

via: Proteck Machinery

How to Do Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes | Pretty Prom Looks by Makeup Tutorials at //
Make blue eyes pop with blue eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow makes blue eyes pop. This metallic blue eyeshadow will look great in light to dark blue dresses, which is also a favorite in prom night. Complete the metallic look with rose lips to make the look a bit more subdued.

Did you find what you’re looking for in this list? If you want more ideas for prom looks, check out our tutorial on How to Do Prom Makeup and our post on 12 Best Lipstick Colors for Prom. If you have brown eyes, make sure to check our post on the Best Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes.




Makeup Tutorial | 23 Prom Makeup Ideas

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