Meditations to Use for Stress Relief

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Meditations have tremendous benefits for stress management and overall health. While there are many different meditations that are effective, each brings something unique, and some meditations may feel more comfortable for you than others. The meditations that feel right are the ones to try, as those are the ones you will continue to practice. The following are some of the most popular, effective, and enjoyable meditations for stress relief; try several, and see what type of meditation works best for you. Then practice regularly and let your chosen meditations transform your life.


Basic Mindfulness Meditation


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Mindfulness meditation involves increased awareness of the present moment. With practice, it can be utilized anywhere and can bring lasting stress relief benefits. This simple meditation technique can be learned quickly and is considered by many to be one of the easiest meditations for stress relief.


Chocolate Meditation

chocolate swirl

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The chocolate meditation is one of the most delicious meditations and can be completed in a few minutes.  This concentrative meditation allows you to engage many of your senses at once and lose yourself in all of them.  Learn more about the goal and practice of chocolate meditation, and how to practice this savory meditation style.


Loving Kindness Meditation

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Loving kindness meditation is simple to perform and carries many benefits for stress management and general life satisfaction. Read about the benefits of loving kindness meditation here. As with most meditations, this feel-good meditation technique can be practiced in several ways, and one quite effective version involves focusing on the self, close friends and other loved ones in a specific format.  Learn more about how to practice the loving kindness meditation, and add this wonderful technique to your stress management tool bag today.


Music Meditation

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Music can affect not only the emotions but our physiology as well. Read about the effects of music. Using music as a focal point can help you to relax into meditation, can provide a present focus, and can create an enjoyable meditation experience. Learn how to practice a music meditation.


Bath Meditation

Woman in tub

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Bath meditations involve the regular aspects of meditation, but with the soothing surroundings of a bath. Being in a warm tub brings a few unique benefits, and can feel extremely soothing after a long, stressful day. If you need to get clean anyway, why not try a bath meditation? Here are some tips on the benefits and practice of this unique meditation.


Body Scan Meditation

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When stress strikes, it is common to carry stress in the form of tension in the body. We often feel this tension so commonly that we fail to realize when we are experiencing it and carry tension indefinitely. Physical tension can lead to increased emotional tension, creating a “feedback loop” of stress. The body scan meditation can help you to get in touch with your physical tension and can help you to release it at the same time.


Mindfulness Meditation

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There are many, many mindfulness meditation techniques that can be effective for stress relief and relaxation. Really, any activity that you perform where you stay fully present, completely and non-judgmentally rooted ‘in the now’ can count as a mindfulness meditation technique and, when practiced regularly, can bring the benefits of meditation to your life. The following mindfulness meditation techniques have been found to be particularly useful for stress relief.


Walking Meditation

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Walking meditation provides the strengths of meditation combined with the benefits of exercise, and has the bonus of being simple to learn and practice, thereby making walking meditation a very useful technique for those new to meditation. Learn more about the benefits of walking meditations, and find out what you need to know to make this type of meditation an effective stress reliever.


Mantra Meditation

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Mantra meditation is one of the simpler meditations to learn and has been proven effective as a stress relief technique. Some people may feel odd repeating a word aloud, or even under their breath, but for those who enjoy having a focus during practice, mantra meditation can be quite useful. It has the added benefit of allowing you to focus on a word whose meaning resonates strongly with you, like, “hope.” Learn how to use the mantra meditation now.


5-Minute Meditation

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There are two main benefits to five-minute meditations: first, they can be effective for relieving stress quickly when you don’t have time for a full twenty-minute session. Second, when paired with regular practice, they can get you back into the place of peace and relaxation similar to what you experience in your regular meditation sessions fairly quickly. This makes them effective and convenient! Learn more about quick meditations.


Aromatherapy Meditation

Incense burner

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Aromatherapy brings proven benefits for stress relief. Read about the benefits of aromatherapy here. It can also add an extra dimension of pleasantness and relaxation when incorporated into your meditation practice. Learn more about aromatherapy meditation and how it can work for you.

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