Most Crucial Element of Marriage – Friendship

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  • Most Crucial Element of Marriage- Friendship

    Most Crucial Element of Marriage – Friendship

    Most Crucial Element of Marriage- Friendship

    There are many parts of a marriage that put the puzzle together for a long-lasting relationship. One of the main pieces of the puzzle is friendship.  Below is a description of the role that a friendship plays in marriage.

    1. Shows interest in you

    A friend wants to know how your day’s going. In a marriage your partner should be interested in your day to day and week to week activities and interests. They ask questions and wait for the answers.  If you write a book, they will buy it and read it. Then tell you what they like about it.  If you sell a product they will bring you customers and brag about you.

    2. Trustworthy and honest

    A relationship can last without honesty but most of the time, this is an abusive relationship.  In healthy relationships there are no need for parlor tricks. It is a good feeling to know that you can trust and depend on someone and they can count on the same things from you.

    3. Compassionate

    A friend is there when you need them.  They want to celebrate with you when things are good.  They offer comfort when things are not good. They may offer to take you out for an evening to cheer you up.  They may just sit and cry with you. Either way, you know you are not alone. Misery loves company.

    4. Nurture emotionally

    A friend is empowering and supportive of your endeavors. They never tell you that you have a crazy stupid idea unless it really is a stupid idea and you have that type of relationship. A friend will be there to pick you up and put you back on the right path. Many people only want friends who tell them what they want to hear about but that is not a true friend. A true friend will not let you make a fool out of yourself without at least one objection.

    5. Financial support

    If a friend sees a friend in need and they can help out but don’t, that is not a true friend.  Many millionaires have been made by investment from friends. Two can pool money together to pay housing, food, transportation, which can make necessities affordable for married people.

    6. Available to give you company at events

    When you are invited to events, your partner should try to be available. You two can agree which events are important to attend and which are not. The nicest thing a man can do for a woman is take her places she does not want to go with her friend: Cruises, weddings, couple parties and private invitations for celebrations are examples. Don’t let her go stag.

    7. Grow, create and appreciate

    The main benefit of a friendship is that your partner will help you grow, accept what you create, and appreciate what you bring to the table to enrich the relationship. You can grow old together if you do not stifle each other. There are many relationships that die because one partner does not want to grow or do anything and will sabotage the other’s growth in order to not be outdone.

    8. Shares progress

    Friends share what is going on in their lives.  They share new friends and adventures. There is no such thing as these are your friends and these are mine.  All friends are a member of the club even if you do not spend time with them together. If there is a problem then the new club members must go.

    9. Respect

    Common courtesy is not old fashion.  Listening to your partner and respecting his and her opinion is something everyone wants in a friend and lover.  Don’t leave your partner hanging or make jokes at them at parties so you can be the life of the party.  This can be a deal breaker if it is not honored as respect is a core value that most people demand.

    10. Shows affection

    Friendships in marriages and relationships have an emotional intimacy variable that regular friendships do not have.  Therefore, it is appropriate to show affection by holding hands and touching each other on the shoulder letting each other and others know that you both are in love.  Keep physical or sexual contact to the privacy of your home.

    In conclusion, the role of a friendship in a marriage shows interest, is trustworthy, compassionate, supportive emotionally and financially, shares progress, has respect and affection for his or her partner.  These roles define a healthy friend and its role in a relationship or marriage.

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