Mushroom And Corn Toast

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Nutritive Information

(Per Serving)

  • 304 kcals

  • Carbohydrates – 36 gms

  • Protein – 12 gms

  • Fat – 11.8 gms.


  • 2 Brown bread slices

  • 50 gms. Fresh mushroom

  • 50 gms. Baby corn

  • 10 ml. Olive oil

  • 10 gms. Garlic (chopped)

  • 2 gms. Fresh basil (chopped)

  • 2 gms. Crushed pepper

  • 1 Egg white

  • Salt to taste


  • Toast the brown bread slices lightly and keep aside.

  • Boil the mushrooms and the baby corn separately till cooked.

  • When cool, coarsely chop the mushrooms and baby corn.

  • In a heavy bottomed pan heat the oil and saute the garlic till golden.

  • Add crushed pepper and basil to the sauteed garlic and cook for some more time.

  • Add the chopped mushroom, baby corn and salt to taste. Stir. Take the pan off the fire and cool it.

  • Whish the egg white and fold into the mushroom mixture.

  • Spread the mixture on the toasted bread and gratinate (or grill, or toast) till done.


1 Serving

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