My Fav Lip Combo RN!

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Icon Silver Fox

Hey My Loves! So you guys know we launched our 3 new Liquid Mattes beginning of this month, including the shade Silver Fox – a Lipstick dedicated to my boo @silverfox08. I really wanted to show you guys different ways to use this color – one being mixing it with other colors (which is my fav!).

Silver Fox is def one of those daring, sexy Lipsticks that you can experiment with by mixing it with different colors and tones. My fav Liquid Lipstick combo right now is Icon & Silver Fox! Basically, you first apply a layer of Icon, and then apply a layer of Silver Fox. Adding a grey lipstick to any red or pink toned shade will help mute it and cool it down, creating something completely new and unexpected! Check out the quick tutorial Mona did to show you the steps and final result!

Another combo you guys can try is applying a little Venus in the centre of your lips after applying Silver Fox over your whole lip. One of the girls did this in the Office and I’m obsessed!! Xx

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