My (Painless) Laser Confessional!

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By Huda Heidi Kattan


Okay my loves, having struggled with what I like to call, hairy girl syndrome, my whole life I’ve become quite desperate to find a way that is painless and actually effective! I did IPL, which was not really that great at all, especially when the woman burnt me, leaving a permanent burn mark on me FOREVER (thanks!). I was veeery apprehensive to start laser, mostly because after I became pregnant whatever hair had actually been removed from IPL, came back–TENFOLDS! So I gave up! I accepted that I would be hairy, and made fun of for the rest of my life! This was 2 years ago.

Fast forward to a few months ago…O-M-G! Okay, so I don’t know about all laser treatments, but painless laser is my friend! After 3 sessions I am almost COMPLETELY hair free! I can’t even believe I am saying that. My facial hair (AKA, five o’clock shadow lol), is gone, bikini gone, legs GONE! I haven’t done my arms yet, but I am going to. I am literally so impressed with the whole procedure. And I know what everyone is thinking, how much and is it really painful. Okay it is painless, but there were areas where I felt a little pink, kind of like a rubber band, but not really that much. Painless Laser is actually much faster than regular laser too, so it takes just as much time as it does to wax to treat an area. Now for the price, it’s definitely not cheap. This week I went in and only did my legs and paid upwards of $700 for one treatment. It’s definitely pricey, but for someone who’s struggled with being hairy my whole life, I was very happy. Depending on the density of your hair, it may take between 2-4 treatments per area or more. I can say after 2 treatments all my hair is almost gone! Soooo worth it!

I did my treatments at Dermalase Clinic, which has been my clinic for pretty much everything since I tried their Vampire Facial! You can call them at 04 349 7880. I don’t know if there is more than one branch, but this is the one I go to and they are AhhhMAZING to say the least!

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