My…Can’t Live Without Vol 42 (A Must for Men & Women)!

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By Huda Heidi Kattan IMG_8136 When it comes to sun bathing, I am not one to really indulge in hours of roasting under the sun! Although I looove tanned skin, I have seen the effects it has on my skin and just can’t deal with them being beauty obsessed! So, I have been using what I consider to be the best sun & also pollution protection I have tried! It’s so light, melts into your skin, with zero greasiness and is so tiny, you can take it everywhere!

Most sunblock I use it so greasy, and this one feels incredible! I comes in different strengths as well, 20, 30 & 50. and has SPF PA++, which means it is the most powerful type of SPF! Remember when you use SPF, it’s important to reapply it during the day, so these tiny bottles make it easy to take along with you!

Chanel UV Essentials
Available at Chanel counters worldwide
$55 prices may vary


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