Obsessing Over… Rose Balm (Serious Hydration)!

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By Huda Heidi Kattan


To say I am obsessed with roses is an understatement! Yes, I love seeing them, smelling them and decorating with them, but I absolutely Loooooove using them for my skin (okay, I love eating things with Rose Water as well, after all, I am Middle Eastern).

For some reason, roses work really well with my skin! It just calms it down and seems to keep it hydrated and really radiant! I have had probably the worst year of my life for my skin after using Obagi (okay, I’ve had worse in my early 20’s), but I definitely saw some good results using products with Rose!

The By Terry Cellularose Nutri Baume is incredible! It’s very thick, but your skin absorbs it and it’s not greasy as well! It has a very strong rose scent to it, which I liked, but depending on your taste, it can be overwhelming! My skin started feeling really dry after the season changed in Dubai recently, and this completely rescued my skin! I just added a super tiny amount to my skin and massaged it in the mornings gently, and my skin was hydrated and radiant almost instantly! I’m pretty obsessed with this, and it’s definitely a go to for thirsty skin!

By Terry Cellularose Nutri Baume
Available at Beidoun or online
$99 prices may vary




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