Obsessing Over…Skin Care You’ve been Waiting for?

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By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hopefully by now everyone knows how obsessed I am with skincare! Not only do I love it, but I’ve learned so much over the years sitting down with specialists, scientists, and other beauty experts. Let’s just say that I’ve LEARNED A LOT!

That being said, I have really been loving Sunday Riley products, they’ve blown me away! The super natural ingredients in the products make it easy for your skin to absorb, and they leave your skin flawless, pore-free, and even toned!

Sooo when I saw the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, I was DEFINITELY intrigued! When I read the box, I was desperate to try it! The Box says it has full of rich ingredients that erase pores, peel skin (lightly), diminish wrinkles, and all that mumbo jumbo that girls like to hear about skin! It’s been a month now, and this stuff is AMAZING! It makes your skin thicker, as it helps build the skin cells, making sure it is protected against the sun, scarring, and also wrinkles. It also does even out the skin, but very slightly (Good Genes is much better at doing this), it does erase pores and leaves your skin with a beautiful glow by morning! I would say this takes a few weeks to really see the affects, but you definitely will have skin that is more beautiful and looks fresh!

Sunday Riley LUNA Night Oil
Available at Sephora.com
$105 prices may vary





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