One Viewer’s Experience on the Mono Diet

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The Monotrophic Diet, often known as the Mono Diet, is based around the concept of eating only one item per meal. On this regimen, you’re allowed to eat unlimited quantities per meal, as long as you stick to the same food. The only beverage you’re allowed while on the diet is water. Here is one person’s experience on the Mono Diet. If you’re thinking about trying this out, make sure to speak to your physician first before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Here is what blogger Aushia Smith had to say:

I didn’t know if it would work for me, but I wanted to test my willpower and hopefully see a change in the seven days.I started out weighing 254 lbs, and now I am at 248 lbs; and my waist measured at 50 inches, and now I’m a whopping 47 inches. This didn’t only have an effect on my weight and measurements, but I noticed my skin is brighter and more clear, my eyes have whitened, and my nails are stronger. I did have a few struggles with snacking on nuts and crackers late at night, being repetitive with the food, and not having boring food. I sought out different recipes within the guidelines and ended up having a great time with my food. I burned kale chips twice before I got it right without oil. I also saved money while on this diet. I do believe that I will be doing this once a month in different ways. Thank you for the opportunity to improve my health, willpower, and helping me become bathing-suit ready.

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