Our Honest Review Of 2018’s Most Hyped About Foundation

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beautyblender foundation

When Beautyblender announced they were launching a foundation last summer, beauty addicts across the world released a collective squeal of anticipation. Ever since those squishy pink eggs popped into our lives, our foundation has never looked more flawless. So surely, creating the formula that the Beautyblender makeup sponge is made to be used with, is part of the natural progression of the brand.

But let us just point out this is their first foray into makeup, and foundation surely has to be one of the trickiest products to get right. Here’s what we thought of the Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation, $40.

What it is: A weightless, full coverage liquid foundation with a velveteen finish designed to last up to 24 hours. The formula is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and white birch extract to soothe and brighten skin while you wear it.

beautyblender foundation

What we liked: We love how easy to blend this is, and the fact that it feels super lightweight, so it’s very comfortable to wear – especially if you hate that feeling of wearing makeup. This gave a really natural finish when buffed out with a blender, but for coverage, we recommend using a brush first. We tried this with the new Tarte Shape Base Tape Hydrating Primer (which btw, is awesome), and we set it with the Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder, and it wore well throughout the day, despite it settling into our smile lines quickly. We definitely recommend using a primer to increase the wear-time, as without a primer it went a little patchy in places.

beautyblender foundation

What we didn’t like: We were a little disappointed with the coverage as we didn’t find it to be full coverage at all, and it didn’t effectively cover all our pigmentation and marks (we recently tried the Morphe Fluidity Foundation, which is super full coverage!). We also noticed that it didn’t smooth out skin texture and settled into our fine lines quite quickly, even after setting with powder.

While we initially loved the packaging concept, after using it we did find it to be a bit of a mess after pumping it onto the packaging. We also wish there were more shade ranges in the deeper spectrum, as well feel the offering for richer complexions is not as well represented.

beautyblender foundation

The verdict: We think this foundation is better suited to people looking for light to medium coverage, as it needs a lot of building for a full coverage finish. Beautyblender is such an amazing, innovative brand, so although we’re not 100% on this foundation just yet, we are looking forward to seeing what they do create in the future.

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