Overcoming the Obstacles in the Way of Being Healthier


Good health is the most important aspect of your life. One often take it for granted when younger and does everything to repair it in middle-age.

Dieting and exercise are the best ways to improve your health, but there are many obstacles that cause you to abandon your healthy efforts.

Below, are three of the most common obstacles to a healthy lifestyle and how to overcome them.


Addictions form when something that we experience stimulates our brain in such a pleasant way that it releases chemicals that make us feel good. This dependence on the chemical high makes resisting temptation incredibly difficult.

When you hear the word ‘addiction’, the mind immediately begins to think about drugs and alcohol. It may surprise you to learn that not all addictions pertain to illicit drugs and substances. According to the site https://windwardway.com/ for addiction recovery help, it’s common for people to become addicted to things like gambling, sex, and shopping.

Another common addiction is one which the person is compulsively eating too much food. There are millions of people who are currently living with an addiction to food. Food addiction isn’t only about the taste of the food or drinks. Sure, the delicious taste is a bonus, but an addiction to food is created the same way that addictions to drugs and alcohol begin.

Addiction to food is a major reason why people abandon their efforts to create a healthier lifestyle. If you’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to food, there are different ways of getting help for addiction. You can find hotline phone numbers, outreach programs, and other information at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website.


Stress is a human experience that spares no one. Stress is so dangerous that it is called ‘the silent killer’. It negatively affects the lives of everyone on the planet in deep ways and in prolific amounts every single day. The daily saturation of stress through a person’s life is a catalyst for the development of coping mechanisms.

Coping mechanisms for handling stress can vary. Excessive sex, drug use, alcohol abuse, self-induced lethargy, avoidance, detachment, and overeating are only a few of the different types of coping mechanisms people develop in order to handle excessive amounts of stress. This leads to stress being one of the main reasons why people give up on working out.

The development of coping mechanisms cannot be avoided, so it’s better to consciously change the focus of your coping mechanisms onto healthier choices. Instead of indulging in overeating or lethargy, take an hour-long walk every few days a week. This will help you work off excess nervous energy and to reduce the stress you’ve been building up within your body.

Time Restriction

Life has ways of keeping you busy. Whether you’re making time for your family obligations after work or trying to juggle a job while going to school, your time is limited. This makes any spare time you have incredibly valuable.

When you’re busy, adopting a healthy lifestyle can feel like an impossible goal. This would mean sacrificing valuable resting time or leisurely time for exercise and working out. Many people will willingly make this sacrifice at the beginning of a diet. Unfortunately, as the weeks go by, time for exercise and working out will gradually be converted back into resting time and leisurely time.

You can help yourself to stick to your healthy lifestyle by setting realistic goals. Instead of implementing a heavy exercise schedule immediately, start off with a gradual exercise schedule. Set aside one evening a week for exercise. Do this for a week or two to get used to the change in your schedule before increasing it to two days a week.

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