Rock On! How 2 Austin Stylists Are Cutting Curly Hair – Punk Rock Style

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Creative expression has been prevalent throughout history, and it is still alive and well in today’s time. Whether it is through writing, protesting, performance art, or music, everyone finds a way to stand out so the message can be conveyed to whatever audience it is designed to reach. Sometimes, these messages are attached with a sense of fashion that aid in projecting whatever the artist is trying to say.

So what about some of the loudest forms of expression in the art world – music, especially in the rock, metal, and punk genres? Among all the drums, guitars, screaming vocals, and whirling pits in the crowd, we still have a strong attention toward fashion, especially clothing and hair.

With that said, how does a person obtain a specific style of hair that compliments him/her in daily life or on the stage, and how can the style be maintained with still preserving the natural ingredients to keep hair healthy? I sat down with two punk rock hair stylists to get the answers for you.

Photo Courtesy of @triedandtrue

Dylan Close, Tried & True – Barber & Tattoo

Dylan Close, vocalist and guitarist for Austin, Texas punk rock band Sniper 66, is also a barber at Tried & True – Barber & Tattoo. Close is no stranger to playing in bands or styling his hair to his own liking.

[quote cite=”Dylan Close”]“I just always played in bands and was into punk rock music. I wanted to have mohawks, but I didn’t know anyone that knew how to do it. I always say that I cut my teeth on mohawks, cutting and dying hair that way.”[/quote]

Curly and Textured Hair – Punk style

Close states that when people with textured hair come into the shop, he prefers to shape the hair via cutting. He shapes the hair while it is in its natural state to see what type of styling is best suited to a person’s curls and texture. For someone with curly hair who wishes to wear it straight, Close says he washes, blow dries, and then flat irons the hair before cutting it.

This is especially important to note for someone with curly and/or textured hair who is wanting something like a mohawk.

“If someone wants a mohawk, I could flat iron the hair and cut it straight. If I cut curly hair and try to spike it, it’s going to spring up differently. It will look jagged.”

Product Recommendations

At the shop, Close said they use products by Iron Heritage Grooming Company.

“We use a grooming cream… Some products smell earthy, and no punk wants to smell like a hippie. The products that we’re using are grooming products …made for men, by men. ”

Close says some other lines they carry products for at the shop are Tip Top, Upper Cut, and his current personal favorite 18.21.

Photo Courtesy of @bkhairartistry

Bobbie Kleman – BK Hair Artistry

Bobbie Kleman has been a licensed hair stylist since 2005 and has covered all aspects of working with every hair type and texture, including locs. Kleman owns her own suite in South Austin called BK Hair Artistry. Like Close, Kleman has been into the punk rock scene for many years – since the age of 13. It was then that she started working with coloring, spiking and styling hair.

“I started coloring hair, cutting hair, and spiking hair up, and it’s always been fun! Once I started learning more how to do it, I realized that it’s not just throwing bleach on your hair and color it. There’s so much more about it,” Kleman enthusiastically chimed, “It’s the chemistry, the make-up of the hair, how much you can do with it, ways of repairing it. There are so many levels you can take with your career. Even when my body won’t let me work with hair anymore, I can still be a part of the industry by being a teacher.”

Curly and Textured Hair – Punk style

Kleman said one of the big things to consider when working with hair, especially curly and textured hair, is to consider its current state of health. She also added that one product can’t be used on everyone.

You have to be careful when working with certain types of hair, because hair can break or it can be difficult to return textured hair back to its natural state. You have to condition it and keep the hair nice.

Bobbie Kleman

Kleman feels that one of the dangers of working with hair, no matter its texture or curl pattern designation, is that people do not always take the precautions needed to keep their hair in shape.

Like Close, Kleman agrees that if a person wears their hair naturally curly, it is best to cut it in that style. However, for a person who wants to have a mohawk and straightens hair for styling purposes, the hair will be cut and styled as such.

Kleman says that she loves working with curly hair, because each curl is different; sometimes this will result in making a difference each time a person has his/her hair styled.

“Some people that have super straight hair can’t even hold a curl sometimes. I love textured hair, because you can do so much with it!”

Product Recommendations

Kleman is a Kevin Murphy product educator, and explains that while the products are not 100% vegan, they still try to use products that will help to retain the nutrients or assist in repairing the hair. The products contain many vitamins that are useful in preserving the natural qualities and chemistry of the hair. Another recommendation by Kleman is Reuzel by the Schorem Brothers.

“There used to just be one way of dealing with textured hair, but now, there are so many different lines coming out that people can use. Science and research has helped a lot for us in the industry to use.”

Ready to turn your faux hawk into the real thing?

If you are in the Austin area and need professional hairstylists to help you achieve spikes, ‘hawks, and highlighter color curls, pay a visit to Dylan Close and Bobbie Kleman – two experts on punk rock styling for curly and textured hair.

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