Romantic Friendship in Modern Times

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Romantic Friendship in Modern Times

Have you ever heard of the term romantic friendship? If you have, then you might have questioned the term itself since linking the word romantic to friendship doesn’t really make sense right?

This term has existed for a long time now but it is still being questioned if it’s really possible to be connected to another person romantically but not sexually. What do you think? To better understand how romantic friendships work, let’s take a look deeper.

What is a romantic friendship?

By definition, romantic friendship is an emotional bond between two people so intense that their friendship is deemed romantic. Physical affection, love, and respect are present but where the sexual tension is absent.

It’s like being in a relationship without the sexual aspect involved. This term was popularized in the 18th and 19th centuries where same-sex romantic friendships blossomed but were still considered taboo by some.

There has been some debate over the real meaning of romantic friendships at that time because of the conservative nature of people and beliefs. For some, it is said that same-sex relationships were being masked by romantic friendship.

Romantic friendship vs friendship love

We are all aware of how friendship can become really close and bonded by deep love but romantic friendship is definitely different from friendship love.

If you have a friend that you’re really closed with, same-sex or not then you might have a deep friendship love but if you have a “friend” whom you are already exchanging vows of deep love and that feeling of being complete when you’re with them – then you might have a romantic friendship.

Romantic friendship vs. friendship love isn’t so hard to differentiate. You’ll see why when you see the traits of romantic love and friendship love.

Friendship love is

  1. Loyal friendship
  2. Trust and respect
  3. Wanting the best for your friend
  4. Treating them as family
  5. Enjoying lots of things together
  6. Non-judgy and honest opinions

Romantic friendship is

Romantic friendship is

Romantic friendship has all the traits of friendship love but also includes

  1. Deep love and connection
  2. Exchanging of love and vows
  3. Passionate acts such as hugging, cuddling, holding hands and spooning
  4. Being able to vocally say how much you love them
  5. Other physical intimacy without sexual acts

This may look like same-sex relationships or romantic love for some and in fact, most people before believed that this may have started the transition of love. Some still believe that it’s possible to be in a romantic friendship without the need to be sexually involved and many have testified that it’s possible.

How about today? Do you believe that there’s still a way to be in a romantic friendship without judgment or is it still possible to explain to your wife or husband that you have a romantic friend without them raising an eyebrow?

The most important question is; do you believe that romantic friendship between a man and a woman is possible?

Romantic friendship – is it really still possible?

Let’s face it. Today, if you are to have a relationship close to what is being described as romantic friendship with the same sex – people would already assume that you are gay but who cares about what people think today?

If you are in a romantic relationship and you have a romantic friendship of the same sex, then it might be something that you have to explain to your wife or husband. Being in a relationship requires honesty and being transparent, so if you were to get into a relationship, it’s better to let this person know that you have a romantic friendship with someone and that your partner doesn’t have to feel threatened or jealous.

Romantic friendship is indeed possible. It’s possible to feel drawn to a person same sex or not and be totally comfortable with being sweet and showing how much you love them without malice or any sexual tension.

Come to think of it, if we are able to love our siblings, cousins or other family members this way — then why not our friends. Acts of cuddling, holding hands, being honest and vocal to how much they mean to you may be one of the purest ways on how you can love and value someone.

The romantic friendship between the opposite sex – is it acceptable?

Now, we have to consider having a romantic friendship between a man and a woman and if it’s really possible. Have you ever been jealous of your partner’s friend of the opposite sex? It’s perfectly understandable to sometimes be jealous of your partner’s friend what more if they have a romantic friendship?

Most couples would agree that seeing your partner being too sweet with a friend of the opposite sex that would include cuddling and exchanging sweet words is rather unacceptable.

Friendship and closeness between a man and a woman are natural and is also considered of great friendship tested in time but if you have a spouse or if you are in a committed relationship, you need to make sure that you know how to respect your partner’s emotions.

What more if the friendship that you have is romantic friendship?

If you are in this type of situation, the best approach is to meet half way. Not all people will understand how romantic friendships work especially for the opposite sex.

If your spouse or partner doesn’t approve of it, you can try to talk to them and explain how it works but don’t expect that your partner or spouse would agree with it.

It takes time to process and accept such actions of love even if it doesn’t involve sexual actions. In time, you can meet half way and once your partner sees how it works, then they will be comfortable with it.

Modern love by now has been more open and more accepting when it comes to the different ways people love and romantic friendship is no different. Sometimes, it may just be hard to adjust and change the way one thinks about love and friendship but over time, as we get familiar with how it works, it becomes more welcoming to us.

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