Secret Tips to Getting the Lowest Price on Airfare

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If you need to travel, your first question may be “where do I get cheap airline tickets?” After all, flying can cost quite a bit! But, it does not need to be that way. There are some things you can do to save money on your airfare.

Most people do not realize that there are things you can do go find a great deal on your airline tickets.  By using a few simple strategies, you can score a great price!

More ways to save on your vacation:



1. Be flexible

If your trip has flexibility, you might try to fly out on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday as those are the days when you can usually find the lowest fares. You might also consider flying very early in the morning or meal time (lunch or dinner) as these times may also offer some of the lower prices as well.

Try to avoid flying on Friday or Sunday as those are often the days of the week when the flights are at a premium rate.  Just a little flexibility can save you a lot on your ticket.


2.  Purchase your tickets 5 – 6 weeks before you fly

If you can, try to purchase your tickets at around 5 – 6 weeks before your trip.  As the flight gets closer, the airlines need to ensure that the flight is full as it costs them the same for the flight whether it is 50% or 100% full.  They want to make sure that they are making enough from customers to cover the cost of the flight.

If you want to get even more particular, CheapAir did research on millions of flights and found that if you purchase your tickets 47 days before your flight, you can usually get the best price!

No matter when you book, just remember that as you move closer to your departure date, the prices will creep up. They usually hit peak pricing a few days before the actual flight date. So make sure you don’t wait to buy your tickets, or you will pay more.


3. Don’t book tickets on the weekend

Airlines know most people plan trips and purchase tickets over the weekend.  Avoid shopping at that time.  Instead, aim for  Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning you can find the best price.


4. Follow your airline

Most everyone offers email alerts and notifications for subscribers.  Make sure you are signed up so that you get the information about any potential price fare reductions.  You may also want to follow your airline via social media (Facebook and Twitter) as they often put out promotions there before they even share it with email subscribers (or if even at all).


5. Visit the right websites

There are several websites which state that they will help you find the lowest fares, but are they all the same?  Make sure you also follow them on social media, Twitter and Facebook, as they may share something with those followers, which y may not see elsewhere.

Some of the best ones which include CheapAir, Expedia, Google Flights, Kayak, and Priceline.


6. Clear your browser’s cookies

A simple way to try to find cheap airline tickets is to clear your cookies!  If you keep checking a site to check on the cost of a flight, that information can be tracked by the airline and they know you need to book.  They may just never show a lower price, or may even raise it to make you think that you need to book before you pay too much!

Simply clear your browser’s cookies each time you search to ensure you get the newest price, which may be lower than what you were shown previously.


7. Travel light

These days airlines charge for your bags.  And, if they weigh too much you may pay even more!  Try to pack lightly in a carry on so you can avoid charges.  And, if you do need to take along larger suitcases, make sure you leave room (and weight) in your bags for anything you may purchase on your trip.


8. Skip premium seating

Some airlines charge an additional fee if you select your seat. Allow them to do it for you and you’ll find instant savings. Depending on the airline, you can save as anywhere from $25 – $100 by just sitting where they direct you.


9. Bring your snacks

It seems that whenever you get through the long lines in the checkout you are suddenly hungry. Bring along some snacks and an empty water bottle.  Then, once you clear security you can fill your bottle at a water fountain and eat your own snacks — saving you a LOT of money.


10. Don’t overpay for parking

Watch deal sites, such as GroupOn for discounts on parking. Sometimes, you may find a better price for car pick up and drop off service than what you’d pay to park at the airport.


11. Search incognito or private browsing

When you start searching for flights, the airlines can watch.  Then, they can continue to show higher and higher prices to try to get you to buy.  If you see the prices keep going up, you will be tempted to buy before they get out of reach.

When you search, do so using incognito or private browsing mode. Your actions can’t be tracked and you will be a new visitor every time ensuring you see some of the best prices.


12. Use the budget airlines

If you truly need to save check out some of the more budget-friendly airlines.  You may forgo leg room, free drinks in-flight and even priority boarding, but it could be worth it when you consider the cost savings.  Some of these airlines include Spirit, Southwest, and Allegiant Air.

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