Sensuality vs. Sexuality- a Clear Demarcation

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Sensuality vs. Sexuality- a Clear Demarcation

Sensuality vs. Sexuality- a Clear Demarcation

Are you sensual or sexual on the bed? Confused?

Well, it is easy to get confused with these two words. People often use it as interchangeable without realizing the difference between the two.

Let’s look at the sensuality vs sexuality demarcation

In the easiest terms, being sensual means to make love whereas being sexual means to have sex.

There is a slight difference between sensuality and sexuality. When you make love to someone your senses are involved. You have certain feelings for your partner. However, when you’re sexual you keep aside your senses and concentrate on getting physical.

You are only concerned about having sex. As sensuality vs sexuality is clear, let’s have a look at how you can be more sensual without being sexual. 

1. Kiss

Just a kiss can melt everything down.

It’s the kiss of your love that will uplift your mood and will transform your bad day to a great one. A kiss can mean a lot of things, like ‘I am there for you’, ‘You’re special to me’, and ‘I love you the most in the world’.

It is true that kiss leads to sex, but not always. Even some experts believe that a kiss from a loved one can do wonders mentally and physically. 

2. Look into their eye

In soft skills, it’s taught to make eye contact with someone you’re talking.

The reason is, when you’re making eye contact you are letting the other person peek into your heart and mind.

You are being honest and faithful. In sensuality vs sexuality bifurcation, making direct eye contact is essential. By doing so, you’re letting your partner in your heart and are able to look into theirs. That’s why people say ‘The way he/she is looking at you’ phase. After all, the look says it all. 

3. Making out for hours

When you’re having sex in your mind you cut short your making out period and just want to get directly to penetration.

However, when you’re being sensual, you want to have an extended make out session. Remember your teenage years and get into it. Make a rule of not going too sexual and just enjoy each other’s company. 

4. Cuddling

Cuddling is comforting and romantic.

When you’re cuddling to someone you love, you feel the comfort and protected. This is the simplest and the most romantic gesture to show love towards each other. No matter how much one night stands you do but nothing can beat the cuddling moment with the loved one at the end of the busy day. 

5. Hold hand and show some PDA

Hold hand and show some

Public Display of Affection happens when you both are happily in love with each other.

In sensuality vs sexuality demarcation, when you’re sexual about each other, you would maintain certain body language and it won’t have PDAs.

So, to be sensual, hold each other hands, make each other comfortable while walking down the road together. Even when you’re at home, snuggle inside the blanket while lying on the couch and watching a movie on a Sunday afternoon. Such small gestures and body language shows is you’re sensual or sexual. 

6. Hand job

Couples can enjoy non-sexual activity even when they’re involved sexually.

While sex is all about penetration, being sensual can mean getting involved in foreplay. Smooching is indeed a part of it, and you can also consider hand job. Show the art of foreplay and run your hand through each other’s body parts.

By doing this, relive your teenage years when you were involved more in such activity than sex. 

7. Play with each other’s hair

The small gesture of playing with each other’s body and hair is sensual. When you’re watching a movie together lying on the couch, play with the hair of your partner. They will surely like it. It will also relax them down and they will feel much better. 

8. Tickling

Do you or your partner get tickled?

If so, then you can do this sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you have to be monstrous towards them. Soft, romantic tickling is absolutely fine. Whenever you think your partner is stressed or you want to make your partner smile, tickle them a bit.

This often playful mood can change a lot of things and the dynamic of your relationship will improve as well. 

9. Bring toys to play

There are various sex toys in the market for both of you.

Sex should not always be about penetration. You can alter the dynamic by introducing sex toys. Experiment with it. See which one would you prefer or would like to experiment with. After all, being sensual is also important in a relationship. 

10. Sneak a peek

It is understood that you both are occupied in your personal life and often end up having just hurried sex.

Well, if you both can still some private moments for a few minutes in a day, you can still keep the romance alive. In sensuality vs sexuality, the small sneak a peek wins. Maybe a surprise hug or a quick kiss or morning foreplay will keep the fire burning between the both of you.

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