Short Natural Hairstyles We’re Obsessing Over

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If you’ve just started your natural hair journey and have a fresh set of short curls, you may think that your hairstyle options are limited. But this is only a deception: with even short natural hair, your day-to-day hairstyle options are endless.

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When running out of hairdo options, Youtube’s your best friend. To make your Youtube search easier, we’ve compiled 10 short natural hairstyles to give a try this season:

1. Wash ‘N Go on TWA

Wash ‘n go’s are considered the ultimate go-to’s for short, TWA naturalistas, but they’re hard to perfect. This tutorial will make sure that you never walk out the house with an undefined fro again. After separating your hair into sections with hair clips, saturate the hair with water, rake it with Ecoco Ecostyler Gel, and repeat. Pinning up the hair at the nape of the neck will help get a tapered look at the bottom.

2. Jazzed Up Space Puffs

Here’s a modified natural classic. Instead of simply parting the hair into two sections and making the puffs, this hairstyle also includes two braids. After separating the hair into two sections, part a small section right in the front to begin the braids. To add more definition to the puffs, apply some SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie at the end.

3. Elegant Two Strand Twist-Out

It’s hard to perfect a twist out, but this tutorial has it down. Before twisting the hair, apply a moisturizer such as mixed with a hair oil of your choice. (This tutorial uses Jamaican Black Castor Oil.) Don’t stress on parting the hair into perfect sections; making twists at random can help prevent parts from showing up in your twistout upon takedown.

4. Trendy Bantu Knots

After parting the hair into your preferred amount of sections, spritz the sections wih water, apply some Ecoco Styler Gel and your preferred moisturizer, then begin braiding the hair. Bantu knots are cute and eccentric, and they produce big, voluminous curls when taken down, too!

5. Short Natural Mohawk

There are many renditions of the classic short natural mohawk, but this one is simple enough for any beginner. When pinning down the sides of the hair, place the bobby pins closer to one another at the nape of the neck to make the hairstyle more tapered. Use some Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Wrap Set Mousse to give the cute side curls more defintion.

6. Bedazzled Updo

All you need for this hairstyle is a makeshift head, a spray bottle filled with water, and a braid of synthetic hair. After slicking back the hair with Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Curly Magic Curl Stimulator, use a makeshift headband (this tutorial uses a cut stocking) to pull the hair up. Then, secure the braid around the head with bobby pins. Add your own personal twist to this hairdo with a headwrap of your choice.

7. Short Braided Hairstyles

These hairstyles are for the more experienced. This tutorial takes viewers through two intricate, braided hairstyles. A rule of thumb: the less hair you use for the braids, the cleaner the braids will come out. So take a rat tail comb, grab some embellishing hair cuffs, and begin sectioning away!

8. Flat Twist

Especially if you have minimal twisting experience, it can be hard to prevent your flat twists from coming out as a loose, undefined mess. This TWA friendly flat twist tutorial takes viewers through the step-by-step process of proper twisting — from the proper hand position to sectioning of the hair.

9. Flat-Ironed, Super Short Hairstyle

With our hair so short, it’s normal to fear a scorching flat iron making contact with your sensitive scalp. This in-depth tutorial shows you how to slay a straightened look without damaging your precious hair in the process. After washing, conditioning, and blow drying the hair, make sure to use a rotating flat iron such as the InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Styler and Straightener for straightening; more than the comb chase method, rotating irons are more gentle on our fragile texture.

10. Perm Rod Sets Curls

Though they may be a pain to sleep in, perm rods can help give your curls some extra volume. For shorter hair, it’s important to use the rolling method, but when rolling, ensure that the ends are smoothed down and tucked in to prevent you from having straight ends upon takedown. When cared for properly and protected with a satin bonnet each night, these bouncy curls can last for up to a week.

Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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