Should I Stay in My Marriage for the Kids? 5 Reasons Why You Should

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Should I Stay in My Marriage for the Kids 5 Reasons Why You Should

One of the most difficult decisions that one has to make in this life is to choose to divorce when children are also involved in the painful process. Divorce is not a pleasant phase to go through, and every expert will agree that it will always have a certain degree of impact on the children, depending on how the relationship with their parents is.

Divorce will immediately add stress to not only both of your lives but to also your other loved ones and friends.

You will have to be very careful and wise when and if you make the decision to leave your marriage.

Always remember that the bad feelings of hurt and disappointment that your partner inflicted upon you can sometimes falsely weigh in more than the needs that your children have. You also have to remember that for children to develop in a proper and healthy manner, he or she will have to have at their sides both parents.

Before we get into some of the negative effects that marital schism has on a child’s development, we have to mention that if you are not in an abusive relationship and have issues that can be handled with a little bit of outside counseling help, we recommend that you mend your marriage.

We will lay out some of the effects that divorce has on children caught in the middle of it. Note that the divorce itself doesn’t affect the children in a bad way, but the consequences of it and the level of conflict existing between the two parents do.

Even before deciding, “should I stay in my marriage for the kids or not?”, it is better for you to go through the negative effects that marital separation have on kids. 

1. Anxiety, stress, and sadness

When the parents go through the phases of divorce or separation, children will automatically be more prone to anxiety and other mood disorders triggered by the constant stress in which they are put through.

This will, in turn, affect their ability to concentrate at school and also reflect in their ability to develop new relationships with other children. 

2. Mood swings

Young children are more prone to suffer from mood swing disorders and are likely to become more quick-tempered when they interact with others around them. It can also be the opposite. The children can become more introvert and shut away from the outside world.

Children naturally sense when something around them isn’t right, and eventually, the tragic consequences of the divorce will overwhelm him. 

3. Health problems

The amount of stress through which children are put when the parents face divorce proves itself to be a major impact on their health.

Their immune system will be affected because of the lack of rest and they will inevitably be more prone to sickness.

Before considering, ‘should I stay in my marriage for the kids?’, it is important for you to consider the well-being of your children and the plausible health disorders they might suffer from because of the increasing tension at home. 

4. Guilt

Children who go through divorce ask themselves why their parents are splitting up. They will ask themselves if they have somehow done something that was wrong, or if their mother and father don’t love each other anymore.

The feeling of guilt, if left growing in a child, can lead to other, more problematic issues. This contributes to depression and the other health-related problems that come alongside it.

But this issue can be solved by communicating with them and by trying to explain to them what is going on. 

5. Social development

The social development of children is dependent on the interactions that they have with their parents.

Children automatically learn to adapt to their future relationships from their parents.

This is crucial for their adulthood development and their future social interactions in the outside world.

Divorce is not all about spreading negativity

Divorce sometimes has positive effects on the children, we cannot deny that. A single parent will obviously be more devoted to his or her child’s development. Some children will even have the benefit of having two Christmases or two birthday parties.

If the parents still remain ‘friends’ after the divorce, the overall development of the children will not be hindered in any way if both parents focus their attention on the upbringing of their offspring instead of on the issues that they had in their past.

The issue of divorce needs to be considered very wisely and not just randomly jump to a conclusion. Before you decide, ‘should I stay in my marriage for the kids or not?’, it is recommended you make sure your child has in his or her life both parents at her side for the best development in their adulthood life.

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