Should You Marry Your Best Friend – A List of Pros

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    Should You Marry Your Best Friend – A List of Pros


    Have you ever had a doubt about whether you should marry your best friend? If you did, this article will surely help you with that decision. Married people experience better health, higher levels of life satisfaction, and overall a more fulfiling life, as many studies have demonstrated. But, these effects of being hitched are even more prominent among those who married their best friends. Here is a short list of benefits of having a best friend and a spouse all in one person.

    Your best friend knows you the best

    Secrets are, unfortunately, a part of life. No matter how much people try to be honest with each other, they often succumb to the urge of not revealing their true selves. Whether it is because they don’t want to hurt their loved ones, or they want to appear better than they truly are, many married people lie or conceal things about themselves.

    But, marrying your best friend largely cushions this tendency in people. Your best friend already knows you to your core. And, what is more, they adore you just as you are. If you are thinking about marrying someone you consider your best friend, this should be on top of your list of pros – they know you! You can be yourself with your best friend. Marrying a passionate lover who you just got to know might be a luring idea, and not necessarily a bad one. But, marrying your best friend does come with an advantage of feeling authentic with them. And, it is your best friend who will know exactly how to comfort you when you need support.

    You and your best friend share values

    It is not a novelty to say that for a marriage to be successful, the spouses need to share values and beliefs. The initial passion and infatuation will inevitably wear off and you will get to know each other in a way that leaves little to discover about each other. It is your values that will then serve as the main glue that holds the marriage together.

    Romantic relationships can be formed between partners who have little in common, and sometimes last for quite some time. Passion, or some other factors (often rather unhealthy dynamics, for example), can replace shared beliefs. But friendships are necessarily based on mutual core values. And when you intend to spend an entire life with someone, the healthiest foundation for your relationship are principles you both believe in.

    You can communicate well with your best friend

    We already mentioned unhealthy dynamics between love partners. Unfortunately, many marriages are based on such sort of interaction. For a number of reasons, love relationships tolerate, and even attract, dysfunctional communication and emotional exchange. It is in our romantic life that we often relive the maladaptive patterns we learned as children watching our parents and grandparents.

    Friendships, on the other hand, are based on respect. They are void of the opportunity to engage in endless arguments, insults, or psychological games. Although friends do fight, they do it constructively. No friend will tolerate if you insult them or engage in emotional blackmail. At least not for long. So, if you decide to marry your best friend, you will be marrying someone with whom you already learned how to express your needs and emotions assertively. Best friends know how to communicate, how to listen, and how to speak up. All of these are skills that are essential for any marriage to last and thrive.

    Best friends know how to communicate, how to listen, and how to speak up.

    You and your best friend know how to have fun together

    Last but not least is one of the most fun facts about best friends – they know how to enjoy the time they spend together! Since friends know each other well, they share values (thus, interests as well), and know how to communicate all their thoughts, they also know how to have fun. Which is one of the most important, although often disregarded, aspects of every successful marriage.

    There are marriages that manage to function, and sometimes to function well, but the spouses don’t really share the idea of what it is to have a good time. Such partners usually either settle for a lack of fun moments, they compromise, or they go out and have fun independent of each other. There is nothing really wrong with these solutions, but if you decide to marry your best friend, there will be guaranteed fun and laughter. Most who marry their best friends enjoy hobbies together, travel together, go out together, or watch movies together. In conclusion, best friends know how to make the best of the time they share, which is why you should marry your best friend.

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