Stand Up Paddle Boarding – A Trending Way to Workout in Style

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Whether you love going to the gym or hate the
idea of sweating it out on sometimes complicated exercise equipment, mixing up
your workouts is highly recommended. It helps to work out various parts of the
body and minimizes the chances of you reaching a plateau. Though you could do
things like take aerobic classes, go for a run, or groove it out to a workout
DVD at home, women are finding even more exciting ways to stay in shape.

Paddleboarding is a fun activity that works your
body from head to toe. It’s a ton of fun and has so many advantages to your
health and you can even do it while wearing cheeky swim bottoms and matching top! Here
are a few reasons you might want to give paddleboarding a try.

Gets You Outside

One of the first advantages of learning how to
do stand up paddle boarding is that it gets you outdoors. All you need is the
right sized women’s paddle board, a paddle, your best
swimsuit, and the perfect setting like a beach or lake.

Improves Balance

Much like surfing, if you’re going to be a pro
on the paddle board you’re going to need to learn how to keep your balance and
go with the flow. You can almost guarantee that you’ll be working your upper
body and leg strength to stay afloat.

Relieves Stress

There’s something about being on the water that
puts your mind at ease. The swaying back and forth of the waves or current
feels great underneath your feet as you navigate and try to remain in control.
The picturesque views of the sandy beaches or trees surrounding the lakes make
it even more therapeutic. As you try to learn the watersport it takes serious
focus and attention causing you to be mindful of the moment and unphased by
whatever stresses you may have in your life. After you’re finished, you just
might find yourself more relaxed, in a better mood, and/or at peace.

Whole Body Workout

You won’t have to do anything after you’ve
completed a few minutes of paddle boarding. You’ll need balance, strength,
flexibility, and endurance to truly master it and that requires movement
throughout your entire body. Maintaining stability on the board will require
you to dig deep into your core strength and muscles. Yet, moving yourself and
the board around the water will require continued balance and continual strokes
from your arms and shoulders as you use the paddle to get around. You’ll find
that weight loss and burning calories comes easy when participating in this fun watersport.

If you’ve been looking for
new ways to workout to add variety to your routine then you should definitely consider stand up paddle
boarding. This low impact, fun, watersport is becoming increasingly popular for
men, women, and children of all ages. More than just a fun activity it is a
total body workout with a full experience helping to soothe the mind and
strengthen the body.

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