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Things You Should Do When Planning for a Baby

Planning to get pregnant is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your baby. By actively pursuing good health, proper nutrition and removing potential harm from your life before conceiving you can increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Planning Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy There are…

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When to Get Pregnant After Being on the Pill

Many women use oral contraceptives or the birth control pill as their method of contraception. When they decide that they are ready to become pregnant, they know that they need to discontinue taking the pill in order to become pregnant. The question then becomes how long must one wait before trying to conceive after coming off…

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Mini-IVF: An Alternative Therapy For Infertility

Mini-IVF or micro IVF (also called mild or minimal stimulation in vitro fertilization), is a very similar option to IVF but with low stimulation of the ovaries. It’s an option for women who may respond better to lower doses of medication and the quality of the eggs. The method involves giving a woman a daily…

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Do You Need to Avoid Alcoholic Drinks When Trying to Get Pregnant?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), three out of four women continue to consume alcoholic beverages despite trying to get pregnant. Is an occasional glass of wine okay when you’re trying to conceive? What about more frequent alcoholic consumption? Drinking Recommendations Once you’re pregnant, you should stop drinking. The possible damage to your…

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15 Infertility, IVF, and Fertility Treatment Myths

[ad_1] There are many misconceptions on fertility, IVF, and fertility treatments in general. Infertility myths are more commonly believed outside of the fertility community, but some of these are even believed among those trying to conceive.    Here’s the truth behind 15 popular infertility and fertility treatment myths. 1. Infertility Is a Female Problem Infertility…

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