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How to Be a Marriage Material?

You’re ready to settle down and you just know it. You just wake up one day and you realize you’re not getting any younger, that you want to start a family of your own; your heart longs for a child and a family to go home to and you know in your soul that you’re ready to…

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Tips and Topics for First Date Conversation

A lot of people who don’t have experience dating around find it difficult to think of first date conversation topics. They are always overthinking and trying to stay away from awkward topics and end up not talking at all. If the Myer-Briggs personality types are to be believed, it means more than half of the population are introverts…

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Date Nights, Vacations, and Couple Retreats – Why Are They so Important

I have a date with a hot man tonight.  I put on my party dress, favorite fragrance, and shake my hair out of my typical ponytail.  I look with desire and longing into my lovers brown eyes across the candlelight table… I remember why I married this gorgeous, loving man years ago. Importance of date…

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How Does Screen Time Affect Your Marriage?

Screens get in the way of our relationship with our partner. At the end of a long day, most of us find ourselves checking social media, news feeds, or a random video. Our devices are our main source of comfort and entertainment. In the evenings, when we have the chance to connect with our partner, we don’t.…

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Interracial Marriage Problems – 5 Major Challenges That Couples Face

Love is boundless. When you’re in love, one’s race, religion, and country doesn’t matter at all. It’s is quite easy to say these things today since interracial marriage is quite common. However, decades back this was considered a disgrace. Marrying someone from a different race was a matter of shame and it was considered a sin. Did…

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