The Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making Before Your Wedding

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Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Once you’ve got the dress of your dreams, it is time to address your beauty routine. Even if you think you have perfected your regime, you might be committing a beauty faux pas without even realising.  Ensure you are positively luminous by avoiding these beauty mistakes before your wedding.

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Trying New Skincare Products…

This beauty mistake is especially important for all the sensitive skinned brides out there. Testing a new product days before your wedding runs the risk of a reaction that won’t calm down in time.  Changing up your skincare routine can be a great way to look your best for your wedding but new products should be introduced a couple of months before your wedding date.

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Not Packing An Emergency Beauty Kit…

This little bit of preparation can save numerous hair and makeup crises during your wedding. Make it easy to touch up throughout the day by packing oil absorbing paper, your lip colour, cotton swabs and a mini can of hairspray.

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Fad Diets…

Many brides want to drop a few kilos before their wedding. Fad diets are known largely for unsustainable weight loss. If you have decided to try and lose some weight before your wedding, consider making long term changes to your lifestyle such as a healthier diet and more frequent exercise. This will have you feeling your best long after your wedding day.

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Not Having Hair And Makeup Trials…

Hair and makeup can make or break a bridal look. Make sure you are happy with your look by having a trial run before the big day. Hair and makeup trials are especially important if you are looking to try something you haven’t done before such as hair extensions or a different makeup look. A trial can be done for an occasion such as your bridal shower for an extra bit of glam.

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Trying A New Tan Close To Your Wedding…

New to tanning or want to try something different for the big day? Whether you plan to use a self tanner or get a professional spray tan, give yourself plenty of time to test it out and make sure you are happy with it. This also gives you the chance to experiment and find the product or technician that works best for you and how far in advance to get it so your faux glow looks its best on your wedding day.

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Not Investing In Waterproof Makeup…

Weddings are long and emotional events. Waterproof makeup is one of the best ways to ensure that your makeup holds up throughout your celebrations. Waterproof mascara is especially important if you think you are likely to cry during the wedding… (me!)

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Getting Beauty Treatments The Day Before…

Beauty treatments that can cause temporary irritation to the skin should be done a few days, or even a week before your big day. Treatments like waxing and facials have long lasting effects so can be done with enough time for redness to subside. Many experts recommend sticking to your regular beauty treatments rather than trying something new so close to your wedding.

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Not Looking Like Yourself…

At the end of the day, your wedding isn’t about having an complete makeover, but about looking like the best version of yourself… That is the person your partner fell in love with after all! You want to be able to look back on your wedding photos and recognise yourself. Go for a look that enhances your natural features and don’t feel the need to get excessive amounts of new products and beauty treatments if that is not something you want to do.

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Here is why you should start your wedding beauty routine as soon as you get engaged!


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