The Most Common Reasons for Female Back Pain


Whether you’ve had large breasts going back puberty or only developed them after giving birth, many large-breasted women are impacted by back pain. Unfortunately, for most well-endowed women this becomes a lifelong battle of managing pain versus finding a permanent solution. 

female back pain

While there are many resources available on how to avoid back pain, if you’re already living with it, it’s crucial that you make every attempt to resolve the root issue. Below are some of the most common factors leading to chronic back pain among women. 

Breast Size 

Breast size is a common factor when it comes to lifelong back pain. This is especially true for petite women with large breasts. While some dispute whether large breasts actually do have an impact on the back, it has been proven that they can worsen a woman’s posture, causing them to roll their shoulders inward, creating a curve in their back. 

Further, it can be difficult finding bras that properly support large breasts. Most retail chains only sell a certain variety of cup sizes and strap widths, forcing women to buy uncomfortable bras that add more weight and stress to their neck and shoulder areas. In such cases chiropractors often suggest that patients wear sports bras, which do not depend on straps to provide the support needed.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend breast reduction surgery to eliminate the pain. Inversely, women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery can experience discomfort as their body adjusts to their newly sized breasts. With time, large breasts can make the shoulders roll forward and cause compressing to the nerve fibers.

Some of the most common signs the breasts are too heavy are changes caused by motherhood, painful indentations from bra straps, irritation underneath the breasts and the inability to remain active. It is important to consult with a physician prior to deciding the pain is being caused by the breasts. 

back pain

Pulled Muscles and Slipped Discs 

Pain in the lower back can be the result of a pulled or torn muscle or ligament. This type of injury can be caused by a repetitive movement over time or may occur suddenly. Some of the most common causes include lifting heavy objects incorrectly, sudden movements, sports injuries and falls.

A herniated or slipped disc is caused when the center breaks through the outer layer or begins to bulge. This will either irritate or compress the nerve causing a sharp back or leg pain and numbness. This condition impacts the nerve from the feet to the lower back. 

Office Jobs

More pressure is placed on the spine from sitting than walking or standing. If you work in an office environment, it is recommended to get up and walk around every hour for a few minutes. Slouching in front of your computer screen is a big contributor to back pain therefore, it is important to sit with you buttocks all the way in the back of your chain with your spine flat against the backrest to maintain a good posture. 

female back pain

The Joys Of Being A Woman

Women are blessed, or cursed, with monthly menstruation often resulting in a variety of aches and pain. For some, hormonal changes can cause muscular soreness in the lower and center area of their back. Furthermore, many women experience urinary tract infections in their lives. The infection causes inflammation to the bladder, causing pain to the lower back. 

After reading this, you may feel like all of the above apply to you. Back pain is a pain women have become accustomed to simply handling throughout their lives, never knowing what it’s like to be pain free. It’s worth investing in the lifestyle changes and trips to the doctor in order to understand the root of your pain.

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