The Way You Hold Hands Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship

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How to Know if You’re Meant to be. There are always little signs here and there that can say a lot about a couple’s true behind-closed-doors dynamic. And holding hands is definitely one of them! That’s simply because body language is your subconscious speaking, putting your innermost feelings on display. So what deepest and darkest secrets can it uncover about your relationship?
How a couple holds hands is just a tiny part of the whole picture, so it can’t predict the success or failure of a relationship all by itself. It’s a good place to start, but always look for other clues if you’re having doubts about your partner’s emotional investment in your relationship. And, again, talking openly and honestly will never let you down.

Down-facing palm 0:55
Interlocked fingers 1:40
The over-the-shoulder lock 2:39
The one-finger hold 3:22
“Reinforcement” from the other hand 4:07
The wrist grab 5:00
Linked arms 5:53
Holding fingers and slightly pulling the hand 6:48
Without holding hands 7:38


-Couples that hold their palms down have a strong bond based on sincere affection. Whoever’s palm is facing downward or behind tends to have a stronger personality.
-Interlocked fingers symbolize passion and a strong connection between two people. If you and your partner don’t mind meeting each other halfway, you’re gonna be just fine.
-There’s no distance between you two, which symbolizes how loving and intimate your bond is.
-You’re two strong and successful individuals who respect each other’s space and privacy but can create a powerful union at the same time.
-If you notice that you or your partner uses “reinforcement” from the other hand quite often, this can either be a really good sign or a red flag: it can indicate an overly possessive person or show how serious your relationship is getting.
-If you and your partner like to gently grab or hold the other’s wrist from behind with your forearms crossing, it means that you enjoy every second that you spend together.
-If you and your partner link arms every day, it can mean that the one who takes their partner’s arm is seeking protection or feeling a little bit insecure in the relationship.
-Whoever’s pulling the other’s hand might be trying to force their partner to make decisions faster than they’re used to. It can also indicate that one of you is fed up with the routine in the relationship.
-If your partner always tries to avoid holding your hand, it may be a sign that they’re just not that into you. On the other hand, it could simply be shyness or a desire for privacy and more independence.

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