Things Student Couples Should Consider Before Getting Married

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Things Student Couples Should Consider Before Getting Married

At a time when most people delay marriage until their late twenties or even early thirties, there’s a certain charm in young couples choosing to get married in college. But like any other couple planning on tying the knot, young couples must take the time to discuss things that can greatly affect their relationship in the future.

Student couples, in fact, have unique concerns that need to be addressed.

While the list is long, here are the most important things student couples should consider before getting married.

1.Why you want to get married

One of the most important questions to ask before marriage is why you wish to tie the knot in the first place. Why do people get married? This is a question that can be answered in many ways.

As a couple, your reasons for marrying should be clear to each other. More importantly, the decision should be mutual.

Knowing that you’re on the same page assures both you and your partner that you’re marrying for valid reasons and on your own free will.

2.Your wedding plans

Here’s a familiar scene: one wants a simple ceremony; the other wants an extravagant affair. While disagreements over wedding plans are not unusual, some disagreements can escalate as to become a major setback or even the cause of a relationship’s breakdown.

Do not assume that your wedding plans along with your budget are a minor detail that will iron itself out.

As the cost of a wedding can strain limited resources, especially for students who are yet to earn full incomes, agreeing on your wedding plans is important.

3.Long-term career and education goals

As students, you’re at this stage where you’re just about to start your career or pursue further education after graduation. While working towards long-term goals are important personal journeys, your plans have a significant impact on your married life.

Pursuing a career or further education also means being open to moving. Indeed, having different plans means the possibility of moving to different places.

Make it a point to include your dreams and aspirations among the things to discuss before marriage.

Talking about your long-term goals will help you set expectations about married life and come up with a plan to make the relationship work.


Who will move in with whom

Like long-term plans, the place where you’ll settle down is another issue worth talking over before saying your vows. Who will move in with whom? Will you stay in a house or in a condo? Will you start together in a new place instead?

These are serious questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, particularly since the choice of a location can affect your individual routines.

5.Living together

Living together can change the way you feel about a relationship, especially if you’ve lived in separate places for most of your life. For instance, minor quirks you find cute can become irritating when you’re encountering them every day. In fact, big fights are sometimes triggered by minor annoyances.

Before walking down the aisle, make sure you talk about your expectations regarding living together, especially when it comes to the division of household chores and demarcation of personal space.


Although talking about money matters can be uncomfortable, it’s vital to address this issue before getting married.

Disagreements over money are some of the most common reasons why relationships fall apart.

Avoid this problem by being clear about your personal financial status, making arrangements for how you will set up bank accounts and pay bills, and coming up with a plan in case one or both of you face financial difficulties.


Of the many things to talk about before marriage, one of the most important is your stance on having children. Raising children is a huge responsibility, and the decision to not have any is perfectly acceptable.

Before marrying, make sure you talk about whether or not you intend to have children including your preferred approaches to parenting.

Having this essential conversation now will save you a lot of trouble in the future if you find out that you have different aspirations.

All couples dream of marital bliss, but the road towards happiness is filled with challenges. A lot of disagreements, arguments, and crises can be prevented by talking about them before getting married.

It can be uncomfortable to talk about finances, long-term goals, living arrangements, and even wedding plans. But these aspects of married life pose questions to ask a girlfriend or boyfriend. Bringing up these things student couples should consider before getting married may be scary, but addressing them now can help strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Dorothy Starling is a freelance writer and staff writer at She especially loves to write about social issues, culture and arts. Her free time she spends on hiking, yoga and walking with her two amazing labradors: Odin and Thor.

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