Top 5 Tips to Improve Yourself in 2019


Improve Yourself in 2019

A brand new year has begun and those New Year’s
resolutions have everyone feeling bright, bushy tailed, and eager to get things
done. Most of us have the same resolutions each year, because it’s a good idea
to never stop trying to improve yourself. With that in mind, if your
resolutions didn’t include self-improvement this year, but now you want to give
it a try, read on below for a few tips to improve yourself, mind and body, in

Find Your Motivation

The holidays are over and while many of us are
motivated to refresh our workout routines, cold winter may make snuggling on
the couch more enticing that hitting the gym. When the couch is calling your
name more than normal, use others’ weight
loss stories for inspiration
to help you get
motivated. Remember, set smaller, tangible goals to help keep you motivated by
reaching your goals along the way.

Cut Back or Give Up Booze

Improve Yourself in 2019

Women and alcohol mix differently than
men and alcohol. For example, women experience faster intoxication levels and
worse hangover symptoms. If you are looking to lose some extra weight, sharpen
your mind, and maybe even improve your outlook on life, you may want to limit
your drinking or try a one month detox. After all, you’ll skip the hangovers
and can help you lose the extra weight around your waist.

Take Better Care of Your Skin

When winter strikes with its frigid
temperatures, it’s easy to just slather on moisturizer and forget it. While
moisturizing is a great idea, if you want to improve the way you take care of your skin in 2019, it’s not
enough. You want to avoid hot showers, don’t skip the sunscreen, and try to
stay out of the wind as much as possible. These are great tips for the rest of
the year as well, if you want to start 2020 with the glowing skin you have
always wanted.

Educate Your Mind

Improve Yourself in 2019

It’s important to note that self-improvement
doesn’t need to be all about your physical appearance. One of your resolutions
for 2019 should be to improve and educate your mind as well. You can do this by
simply picking up a few books to read at the local library or signing up for
classes in something you have always wanted to learn. You would be surprised at
how much better you feel physically when you are educating your mind as well as
improving your body.

Eat Right, Exercise Often

Of course, the normal self-improvement tips have
to come into play here as well. None of the improvement tips above will work
for you, if you aren’t eating right and exercising often. Throwing out the junk
food and getting on a firm exercise schedule is the best way to accomplish
these two goals in 2019.

These are just a few of the
top tips out there for self-improvement in 2019. Don’t forget that
self-improvement isn’t just about improving your body, it’s about improving
your mind as well.

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