Total Body Beauty — Skincare Tips For Before, During And After Your Workout

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If you’re a bit of a gym bunny, you’ll recognise the benefits keeping fit brings to your physical and mental health — as well as that addictive workout buzz that boosts the rest of your day.

But if you don’t adapt your skincare regime, your fit new body might be mismatched with a variety of healthcare problems.

So here are some crucial skincare tips for before, during and after your workout.



Before you leave for the gym, pack a towel from home — the detergent your gym uses for their towels might be too harsh for your skin.

And if you’ve got long hair, tie it back gently but firmly so that natural oils and hair products don’t drip onto your face when you sweat.

But the most important pre-gym tip is removing your makeup and cleansing your face thoroughly — if you skip this step, the facial products you use will block your pores and cause troublesome breakouts of spots and pimples.

Invest in natural skincare products with ingredients like raspberry extract and walnut shell powder and remember that heavier makeup will require a thorough scrub rather than a quick wipe.

During workout

If you’re making a genuine effort, you’re sure to sweat — so naturally you won’t want any odour to reach unpleasant levels.

During workout

But some women find that spray fragrances can clog the underarm area and eventually exacerbate the problem.

Using natural deodorants can provide a chemical-free solution — witch-hazel works as an astringent, blocking pores and causing sweat to evaporate, while essential oils in lichen and sage kill the bacteria that causes sweat to smell in the first place.

And whether you workout inside the gym or on the road, apply some sunscreen — UV rays blast their way through windows as well as hitting your epidermis directly.


Gym equipment is a haven for dirt and germs — so clean your hands properly before touching your face.

And strip out of your workout clothes immediately, because continuing to wear sweaty clothes throughout the day can cause conditions like acne.

Next, you can splash some water on your face and wipe it clean once more with a towelette.

post workout skin care

Your skin might be dry due to your outstanding exercise efforts, so apply a moisturiser to bring that glow back — and if you tend to go red, a gentle serum can calm down that afterglow.

And as well as drinking a high-quality mineral water, including hydrating foods like cucumber, celery and radishes in your post-gym snack will top up your moisture levels from the inside out.

Finally, if you have time, a good dry shampoo will work wonders on your hair, speeding up the time it takes to restyle before your next appointment.

Follow these total body tips and your skin will be just as beautiful as the rest of your body.

What’s your workout skincare regime? Share with us today!

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