Use Lemons Every Day, And See How Your Body Will Change

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In case you were looking for a super effective yet super cheap remedy that will work in many cases – lemons are just something for you. From fighting cancer to fading acne scars, lemons have all kinds of health and beauty benefits to make you feel healthier and look better in no time.
Lemons are packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, fiber and, of course, vitamin C. All of these valuable nutrients protect your cells from damage that can lead to fatal illnesses like cancer. Not to mention, the D-Limonene in the lemon peel has anti-cancerous properties as well.
Massage a lemon slice over your fine lines and wrinkles for a few minutes Leave the juice on your face for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure every day for brighter, more youthful-looking skin.
If you’re bored with plain old tasteless water, drinking it infused with tasty lemon will encourage you to stay hydrated. It’ll also prevent you from drinking beverages that are higher in calories, such as soda or juice.
One lemon contains a whopping 187% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. So try to add lemons to your foods and beverages when you’re feeling under the weather or when everyone around is getting sick.
According to a 2006 study, potassium lemons are so rich in activates neurons involved in positive thoughts and feelings and plays an important role in regulating serotonin, your body’s natural mood stabilizer.


Lemons contain tons of anti-cancer properties. 0:30
Erase wrinkles naturally with lemon. 1:33
Drink lemon water to lose weight. 3:18
Lemon juice for liver detox. 4:17
Use lemon to treat throat infections. 5:27
Lemons boost brain function and reduce stress. 6:58
Lemon juice can soothe a sunburn. 7:40
Lemon juice can stop nosebleeds. 8:29
Lemons are great for fading acne scars. 9:22

-Lemons can be used in cancer prevention and treatment.
-Lemon oil detoxifies the skin, repairing damage done to it by free radicals.
-Vitamin C decreases your body’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers hunger and fat storage.
-The pectin in lemon helps break down oils and remove waste from the bowels. As for the natural oils found in lemon peels, they help detoxify the liver.
-A combination of honey, warm water, and lemon is a time-proven solution for treating a sore throat.
-If you consume lemons on a regular basis, you’ll notice improved mental performance and less midday brain fog.
-Cucumber and lemon are natural bleaching agents that will reduce the redness of the skin. And the vitamin C in the lemon minimizes the damage to the skin and lightens dark spots making it a perfect sunburn treatment.
-In case you’re having a nosebleed, drip 1-2 drops of fresh lemon juice in each nostril. Just make sure that you use a clean new dropper each time.
-Mix fresh lemon juice and extra-virgin coconut oil and apply it to acne scar areas using a cotton ball.

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