Vites Negundo

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Vites Negundo
is a large aromatic shrub, with small bluish purple flowers, found throughout India. There are three types Venn Nochi, Karu Nochi and Nir Nochi. Venn Nochi is the more commonly seen tree.

Use : A decoction of Nochi leaves is useful in treating disorders of the neuroskeletal and muscular systems. If you have general body pain due to vata disorders, boil the leaves and have a bath. It relieves body pain with continuous use. A decoction of Nochi leaves and jaggery taken internally relieves vata disorders.

A paste made of Nochi leaves and an inch of dried ginger when applied on the forehead relieves headaches. Oil made from Nochi juice relieves chronic headaches associated with sinusitis. The oil can be applied on the head and a bath taken an hour or so later. The leaves can be heated in a kadai and used in fomentation to relieve muscular pain. Take equal portions of the juice of Nochi and Thulasi leaves. Add powdered caraway seeds (called omam in Tamil and aiwain in Hindi). A spoonful can be given to children to relieve colic. There are no side effects and can be used in treating “non-specific” colds, coughs and pains.

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