Ways to Overcome Sexual Dissatisfaction in a Relationship

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Ways to Overcome Sexual Dissatisfaction in a Relationship

Sexual dissatisfaction, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s pretty common for a couple to go through this phase. There are many factors that encourage sexual dissatisfaction; however, many of them can be managed if a couple tries and works together. If you’re going through such a phase, you need not panic.

Observe your symptoms and execute efforts to terminate them.

How do you deal with sexual dissatisfaction? Let’s have a look:

Problem: Communication

Why is communication so important? It’s because the quality of a relationship depends on it. The effect of communication is undeniable. It makes the partner feel loved and cared for. These things are important when it comes to making love. If a spouse isn’t feeling loved, there is no way they will have sex with you happily.

A healthy happy and love relationship leads to good sex, and for a happy and healthy relationship, you will need good communication. When you have sex out of obligation or as a duty, there is little or no satisfaction in it which leads to sexual dissatisfaction. The outcome is ultimately resentment towards your partner.


If you aren’t big on communication but you still want to make an effort, start small. You can simply sit together to watch a movie and discuss that. Give your spouse a rundown of your day or just try involving your spouse in a harmless daily conversation.

Once this becomes a habit, you will fall into a routine of asking your spouse about the day they had, or what’s bothering them in general.

This will have a warm effect on them, and the end result will be a sex filled with love or, at least, care and not just obligation.

Problem: Busy schedule

Problem Busy schedule


It’s not easy to juggle work, home, and kids all at once and still not have an effect on your life. All this tension and stress takes a toll on a person, and the first thing that gets affected by this is the sex life. Sex drive is greatly affected by the stress level of a person.

Sex isn’t two bodies working together like a machine, it’s more like desires and passions meeting and creating magic, and this magic can’t take place with stress and tensions looming at the back of your mind.

Cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, and keeping the house perfect can tire a woman easily. The thought of sex at the end of a highly tiring day isn’t a relaxing thought.


Work to reduce the load. You can do that by organizing and prioritizing. Do not think that you have to do it all today. When you prioritize, things become clear; you will understand the fact that there are things that can be left for the next day.

Reducing load will help you relax better. Keeping a house tidy and clean is important, but your sex life is more important.

Problem: No spark

A couple who has been married for long loses spark; their sex life becomes more like a chore or a job. You have to do it because well you have to. There is no passion, no desire, or in common words, no spark. Sex life without that spark isn’t satisfying.

You need that wow factor where both the participants feel that they have been satisfied to the full.

Sex that has become a job will soon lead to “let’s do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow may never come then.


Make an effort, that’s all you need. Try and do things you have never done before that includes dressing up, sensual music, and candles. Nothing sets the mood better than scented candles. The pleasant shock will entice your partner. Coming together, then, will be more sensual and erotic than ever. The thrill of change will take desires to the peak.

Another foolproof advice would be to try different positions; this will need both communication and participation from both the parties. The outcome will be better and engaging sex and a few laughs too.

Bottom line

Sex isn’t a job; it’s not a chore that you have to do because you are married. Sex is so much more than that; it’s a beautiful feeling that leads to pure satisfaction when done right. Do not let your marriage sink because of sexual dissatisfaction, take charge and create magic.

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