Weight Watchers Momentum Plan

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Weight Watchers Momentum is a version of the Weight Watchers diet plan created in 2009. The plan has since been replaced by newer versions of Weight Watchers including PointsPlus in 2012 and the current Freestyle plan that includes SmartPoints and FitPoints. But there is still some interest in the Momentum program.

What Is Weight Watchers Momentum?

People who followed Weight Watchers Momentum attended group weight loss meetings at a local Weight Watchers Center. A key feature of Weight Watchers is the weekly weigh-in, but you are not required to weight yourself in front of others. You share as much or as little information as you’d like at meetings.

If you were not interested in weekly face-to-face meetings, they also had the option of following the program online. A weekly pass option combined online features and weekly meeting attendance.

The Weight Watchers Momentum diet plan focused on encouraging participants to consume certain foods that are considered filling. These foods helped you to control hunger so that you could eat less and lose weight. The program also included a simple method to monitor hunger levels before and after meals. 

Weight Watchers Momentum Foods

When you signed up for the Momentum plan, you learned details about the foods that are considered to be filling. If you use the plan online, your food and beverage tracking tool will indicate these foods with a special symbol. Members can also print out a list of filling foods to refer to.

Filling foods are often foods that contain more fiber. These foods may contain soluble or insoluble fiber and each type provides a different weight loss benefit. But all types of fiber-rich foods take longer to digest so dieters who choose these foods more often are likely to feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time. The feeling of satisfaction—also called satiety—may help them eat less during the day and avoid food cravings.

To measure hunger levels, Weight Watchers provided a simple scale to use before and after meals. This tool helped dieters identify certain foods or combinations of foods that help keep hunger and cravings at bay.

Tracking Points on Momentum

As with previous versions, tracking your food and beverage intake was a very important part of the Weight Watchers Momentum plan. Every food or beverage was assigned a “points” value and you were given a specified number of total points for each day. You were also allowed a number of “spare” points to use throughout the week.

To track your points, you might use a printed journal provided at  Weight Watchers meetings. Or you could use the online version, which includes a database of many common foods and restaurant choices. On the Momentum plan, you would also use those tools to track your daily activity.

Of course, to be successful on this program, points tracking is essential. Many dieters combined different methods of tracking food intake to make sure that all food was accounted for. Sometimes combining online versions, smartphone apps, and a paper journal works best.

Weight Watchers Momentum: Did It Work?

According to many dieters, the Weight Watchers Momentum program was a safe, reliable weight loss method. The program and all of its revisions has helped Weight Watchers become one of the most well recognized and well respected commercial diet plans on the market.

The Weight Watchers Momentum program provided many important health and nutritional benefits including encouraging dieters to eat enough daily servings of vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. The program also taught lifestyle changes like portion control, meal planning, healthy cooking, and mindful eating that are key to long-term weight loss success, such as portion control.

The Momentum program has since been replaced by newer versions of Weight Watchers. No special foods are required, and nearly any type of food can be incorporated into the plan. Regular physical activity is encouraged. You can expect to lose approximately one to two pounds each week while following Weight Watchers Momentum.

If you are considering joining Weight Watchers, learn more about what to expect at a meeting, pros and cons of diet program and the most current costs, available plans and reviews of the Weight Watchers program. Getting as much information as possible before you invest will keep your health, your waistline, and your budget on track.

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