What Does It Take to Strengthen Emotional Intimacy in a Marriage?

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What Does It Take to Strengthen Emotional Intimacy in a Marriage

The couple that you think of as the ideal couple may have something very special that makes them the “it” couple. This something special could be emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy is the closeness between a couple bonded by emotions.

Strong emotional intimacy can be reflected in the way a couple talks, interacts and even in the way they sit together. Couples with this kind of bonding are drawn to each other like magnets, making it them your ideal couple.

The greater the level of emotional intimacy the more enjoyable your marriage and relationship will be.

With that being said, some people find it hard to pinpoint what exactly is emotional intimacy in couples, and that makes it hard for them to imitate intimacy in their own relationship.

If that is the case with you, then keep on reading and find out about some examples of emotional intimacy that’ll help you in strengthening your relationship.


Couples that are emotionally intimate choose to be incredibly vulnerable and open with each other. They do not have any barriers that their partner has to break and they bring their heart and soul to the table.

But keep in mind that breaking such barriers take some time because most people who start a new relationship have trust issues and keep their guards up due to past experiences.

As time passes the guards, start to come down, and you can get access to who your partner truly is.

To create an open atmosphere in your relationship, you will have to lead. In order for your partner to let their guards down, you will have to do it first.

Compassion and honesty

Openness in a relationship can only be successful if you be honest. When you speak to your partner, you must have a compassionate heart and an honest tongue. There may be some harsh truths that you need to let your spouse know however you can let them know without crushing their heart.

The only way to grow closer to each other and adopt emotional intimacy is by being honest and compassionate towards each other.

Physical touch

 Sometimes to communicate you have to let your bodies speak

It is important that you understand the role of being physical to transmit emotions. A simple touch can communicate a lot if it is done right.

Some women hear the words “I love you” when their husbands play with their hair whereas some men hear those three words while getting a neck rub.

Emotionally intimate couples understand that communication in relationships does not always mean you are talking, sometimes to communicate you have to let your bodies speak and let your partner know how they make you feel.

To bring more emotional yet physical intimacy in your relationship you need to start being physical outside the bedroom; try giving more hugs, holding hands, tickling your spouse or just make more eye contact.


Marriages that last the longest are often made of people who can forgive each other. Being married to someone means you have to stick with them through thick and thin, marriage is a long-term commitment and people can make mistakes.

In order for a couple to be emotionally intimate and maintain their level of intimacy, forgiveness must be at play.

If couples do not forgive each other then slowly they might create distance and with distance comes resentment. And before you know it, these couples end up throwing the towel on their marriage.

It is important that both partners learn to forgive one another instead of holding a grudge.

Intimacy comes with openness, honesty, compassion, and forgiveness

Everyone aspires to be the ideal couple, the talk of the party and the entire town; however, deep intimacy comes with a high level of openness, honesty, compassion, and forgiveness.

It involves a degree of vulnerability that might be uncomfortable for many and even induce anxiety. But such feelings tend to diminish over time due to practice, and this paves way for more love and trust for one another.

Couples who are able to engage in such a level of intimacy can be at peace with themselves and with one another. They can easily share their failures and mistakes without being embarrassed; they can talk about their ashamed moments, feelings of insufficiency, their dark side, visions, hopes, and dreams.

Such couples are likely to show and express more appreciation and gratitude towards one another and be satisfied with their life.

All of this leads to an enhanced state of well-being, better physical health and a good outlook on life. There are bumps that occasionally show up along your road, however, ignoring these bumps and figuring life together which each other is what makes you a good couple.

Make use of the above-mentioned examples as you walk through the long road of marriage and aspire to be better people and even better partners.   

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