What Happens to You After Eating Just a Piece of Chocolate

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You are about to get 12 amazing excuses to have chocolate every day! Find out what chocolate does to you 10 minutes after you’ve had that delicious piece.

The Aztecs called chocolate the food of the gods, it was sold in Europe as a cure, and today it is the most popular treat on Earth. It tastes so good it’s hard to believe it can actually do us any good! Therefore, we often eat it in our secret hiding place and feel guilty later.
Were you looking for an excuse to indulge in your guilty pleasure?
It turns out chocolate benefits our health. In fact, you are about to get 12 amazing excuses to have dark chocolate every day! Remember they apply only to bitter dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa or more.

Improves your mood and invigorates you 1:00
Improves the brain’s blood supply and dilates blood vessels 1:33
Lowers blood pressure 1:58
Protects your teeth 2:41
Prevents diabetes 3:25
Lowers anxiety levels 3:49
Lowers sweet cravings 4:36
Benefits for your heart 5:16
Cleans vessels thanks to flavonoids and antioxidants 5:46
Raises intelligence levels 6:11
Slows the aging process thanks to antioxidants 6:46
Makes children happier 7:16

– Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that brings on feelings of pleasure.
– Dark chocolate makes blood flow to the brain much better. It helps to boost our memory, gives us better reaction and focus and dilates blood vessels. It is all vital for the proper functioning of the brain.
– Chocolate helped to lower it without giving the participants of the experiment any extra weight or other side effects. It is all thanks to vasodilator properties chocolate has. However, if you start eating chocolate to lower your blood pressure and notice it has the opposite effect you should see a doctor.
– Dark chocolate can actually prevent tooth decay! Cocoa butter covers teeth with a protective film, which impedes bacteria growth.
– It turns out chocolate can be of help, too. Flavonoids in chocolate increase the level of nitrogen oxide in our blood, which decreases with diabetes.
– Good news is chocolate can help you fight your anxiety! It has been proven that by eating dark chocolate you are increasing your serotonin levels.
– Dark chocolate can fight hunger hormone ghrelin, which makes it a perfect substitute for unhealthy sweets.
– Dark chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Flavonoids chocolate is rich in protecting us from free radicals which damage good cells that are essential for our heart.
– The dark chocolate which is rich in them helps our arteries to stay flexible and makes white blood cells less sticky.
– One study has shown that the amount of chocolate consumed in the country affects the number of Nobel laureates it has. The more chocolate – the more laureates!
– You can supplement or even replace those with our good friend, dark chocolate. It is rich in minerals like iron, copper, magnesium and also has a good amount of antioxidants in it, which can protect us from the damage caused by free radicals.
– The good chemicals chocolate contains can be passed to babies who are still in the womb from their chocolate-loving mothers.
– Brain booster, a great friend of your heart health, a reason for better concentration and focus – it is all about dark chocolate. Feel free to have 2-3 pieces of it a day.
However, do not overeat it and be careful if you are predisposed to kidney stones.

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