What Makes a Wedding to Remember for Everyone: The Bride, Groom, and Guests

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    What Makes a Wedding to Remember for Everyone: The Bride, Groom, and Guests

    What Makes a Wedding to Remember for Everyone: The Bride, Groom, and Guests

    Your wedding day should be the most beautiful day of your life. It is supposed to be simply perfect – perfect dress, ideal husband, ideal dance, excellent music, perfect atmosphere, perfect guest and so on.

    In short,  perfect in everything!

    You will be planning the wedding months before the date to make it perfect for you, the groom, and all your guests including family. Attention to details is the key to a memorable wedding.

    Let’s see the areas where your absolute attention is needed – 

    1. Dance lessons

    Everyone thinks about their first dance in front of everyone and it must be just perfect. Practicing it only makes it better to dance in a couple.

    So, feel free to take dance lessons if you are insecure and want to make it with a bang. 

    2. Cigar roller

    If you are a smoker and majority of your guests are too, then you can offer them something extraordinary.

    Something like hiring a cigar roller to roll cigars as you all watch – it will make an impact on the audience, and they will remember your wedding for sure! 

    3. Karaoke

    Maybe you haven’t thought about combining these different activities, but it can light up the atmosphere at your wedding. The guests will have the chance to sing with and for you, and you can do the same.

    Having fun is the main idea in this activity! 

    4. Photo booth

    Photo booth

    Bringing a photo booth at your wedding will drive people crazy about taking photos. For the DIY photo booth, you can always get the best portable camera for the delight of your guests.

    We all love pictures and posting on social media. Instagram is the mainstream right now.

    So, bring in the photos! 

    5. Limousine

    This one is for the newlyweds only.

    Hire a luxury limousine and arrive at your wedding reception or church in style. There are plenty of companies that offer limousine service for weddings. Your guests will appreciate and admire your fancy arrival. The photos will capture the memory of a luxurious moment. 

    6. Make everyone a wedding photographer

    This will engage even the quietest people in something exciting for both you and them.

    All you need is a couple of antics to use as a photo frame and some disposable cameras placed on every table. Non-professional photos may catch some poses that your wedding photographer had missed.

    It will be fun to look at them after the wedding ended. Maybe you will find suitable photos for your wedding album, or you can offer the funniest ones to your guests. 

    7. Offer the guests a memory

    You can offer your guests a symbolic gift like a photo or a tiny plant to grow and care for as they leave the wedding. It’s always nice to make them remember your special day after it’s gone.

    Creating lasting memories on your wedding day is not difficult

    Making your wedding day a special one is not difficult or impossible. You just got to offer your guests a pleasant atmosphere, high-quality services and products, and some exciting activities to keep them engaged.

    Showing up by renting a limousine service is an effective way to impress your guests.

    There are simple, cheap things to do it too. Just be natural, be caring, and pay attention to their individual needs until the last moment of the wedding. They will feel welcomed, loved, and they will remember your wedding in a positive tone.

    You want to make memories, not ticking things off a list.

    My name is Jill White, and I am a 26 years old blogger. I genuinely think writing is that thing that makes me happy and fulfilled. Traveling is my second passion, and I plan to mix these two things.
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