Why a Proper Financial Planning Is Necessary for a Wedding?

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    Why a Proper Financial Planning Is Necessary for a Wedding?

    Why a Proper Financial Planning Is Necessary for a WeddingA lot of merriment and festivity often accompanies the wedding that celebrates the union of the two individuals.

    The wedding preparations start way before the actual wedding date. The dress, venue, wedding party, etc. have to be arranged for making the marriage a true celebration of love and affection.

    People like to get married in the presence of their loved ones. The presence of family members and relatives make the whole event even more auspicious and special.

    Therefore, the wedding week is often tightly packed, and different tasks have to be conducted for making a truly unforgettable wedding.

    Preparations dealing with the wedding arrangements of a couple

    During wedding planning, it is often seen that there are a series of things which have to be bought.

    The festive occasion of a wedding also entails the payment of a lump sum of money. Funds are undoubtedly necessary for having a grand wedding party so that all the family members can enjoy the wedding wholeheartedly.

    The common areas where money has to be spent for wedding purposes include the following –

    1. The organization of the wedding partyA wedding is usually accompanied by a party where all the guests enjoy themselves

    A wedding is usually accompanied by a party where all the guests enjoy themselves and shower their blessings on the newlywed couple.

    The party has to be neatly organized so that there is enough food for serving the guests. The menu has to be decided as per the general taste of the invited guests. Often return gifts are arranged for the guests who have attested the wedding.

    It is optional but it is sometimes part of the tradition.

    Hence a lot of money has to be invested for catering purposes for organizing a stunning wedding party.

    2. The venue for the wedding

    The location where the wedding is to be held is of importance.

    If the location is kept inside one’s own house, then proper decorations have to be done for jazzing up a place so that it looks like a wedding venue and not like an ordinary room.

    However, if special locations are to be booked for conducting the wedding, then additional money has to be given for that purpose.

    3. The wedding dressThe dress requires a substantial portion of the wedding investment

    The dress is of prime importance, and most brides wear fine-looking flowing white gowns for the wedding.

    The dress requires a substantial portion of the wedding investment.

    The dress can be simple or intricately designed, but most people like to make the wedding day special by wearing a truly extraordinary wedding gown.

    General inclination observed during the purchase of engorgement rings

    The wedding rings which are to be exchanged at the Altar during the ceremony are selected by keeping the taste of the bride and bridegroom in mind.

    However simply knowing about the taste is not enough because if an extremely expensive ring is bought, then it might get difficult to pay back the money loaned for procuring the ring.

    It is not unusual to purchase a ring which is beyond the current financial capacity with the aid of loans. Most people want that day to be special, and the engagement ring will stay on the ring finger as long as the marriage stays strong.

    Hence it is akin to a lifelong commitment which is why most individuals prefer to spend a lot on the wedding rings.

    However, taking a loan for purchasing the engagement ring might lead to problems later because the wedding week is fraught with multiple expenses and right after the wedding it might be difficult to pay off an unsecured credit that has been taken for purchasing the engagement ring.

    Hence it is always sensible to plan ahead of time for keeping the purchases during a wedding budget friendly.

    Investment process in a wedding ring for the ceremony

    If the wedding is on the cards then instead of looking for a loan to purchase the wedding ring, it is sensible to start an investment plan for acquiring the choicest ring.

    This can be done by following the enlisted methods:

    1. Early initiation of financial planningA wedding is something that is considered the most beautiful moment in a person’s life

    A wedding is something that is considered the most beautiful moment in a person’s life.

    The planning of a wedding in terms of accruing financial funds should start way before the actual wedding takes place.

    One can start setting a specific sum aside periodically and invest it properly. This investment should be specially kept for purchasing the wedding jewels when the time comes.

    The presence of this investment fund will drastically reduce the chances of the loan that has to be taken for conducting a wedding.

    2. Considering the financial capacity during the wedding planning

    The tendency of people going overboard while meeting expenses at a wedding is not unheard of, but that does not imply that an individual should simply keep on spending money without sparing any thought about the financial status.

    The financial ability of the person should always be taken into account before setting the budget for arranging the wedding and purchasing the engagement rings.

    Spending too much on the wedding ring will simply lead to financial problems post marriage.

    Hence the reality of the financial capability should be the most important determinant when it comes to purchasing the wedding rings.

    3. Frankness regarding the financial abilityThe individual should be able to freely discuss his abilities when it comes to the planning of the wedding

    The marriage is a union of two people and each individual in a marriage should understand the other person which also includes the financial position.

    If in a marriage, a person has to hide his financial status and meet expenses that are financially taxing, then it won’t be a happy marriage. The individual should be able to freely discuss his abilities when it comes to the planning of the wedding.

    Thus, it should be understood that the wedding ceremony is to be held on a single day and the marriage will last a lot longer.

    Hence, financially burdening oneself for procuring the wedding ring is not a sensible choice for leading a stable married life.

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