Why Marijuana and Parenting Can Actually Go Along Together

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Why Marijuana and Parenting Can Actually Go Along Together

There is still a huge stigma about marijuana, its legality and its benefits but the good thing here is that more and more people are learning the benefits that marijuana can provide not just in the medical field but also as recreation.

A few years back, there was a trend about marijuana moms and the benefits of it that made a lot of parents asking if marijuana and parenting can actually go together

Is marijuana harmful?

Before we look into how marijuana can actually help parents, we have to understand first if marijuana is indeed harmful. Fact is, marijuana has its both short-term and its long-term effects just like alcohol and other vices.

The pros of marijuana

There are reasons why marijuana is being pushed to be legalized and we all know that it has so many benefits that include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Marijuana has been an effective alternative in relieving nausea and some establishments have already used cannabis to effectively decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy when used to treat cancer.
  2. There is already enough evidence that marijuana helped in relieving the spasticity of the muscles that has been associated with multiple sclerosis and paralysis or any other diseases that include this symptom.
  3. Chronic pain which may even include neuropathic pain can also be eased with the proper use of marijuana.
  4. Marijuana is overall safer than some other synthetic medications that are being prescribed.
  5. Marijuana doesn’t even need to be smoked to be medically beneficial. Today, products such as cannabidiol oils or CBD oils, topical pain relief treatments and even edibles are now available.

The cons of marijuana

While Marijuana has some amazing benefits there are also negative effects of marijuana that we need to be aware of. It’s not being against it, it’s being informed of the consequences if one is to use it over the required quantity.

  1. Being addicted to marijuana use can slowly affect your short-term memory and impair your cognitive ability.
  2. Marijuana can cause addiction just like alcohol and other vices.
  3. Fact is, under the federal law, marijuana is still illegal. Though there are some countries that allow it and some consider it as a medical alternative, there’s caution in using cannabis.

Marijuana and parenting

We have this image of pot users as addicts or stoner dudes in trailer vans who just want to chill and relax but reality is, marijuana users are mostly professionals, artists, and parents.

If you would do a research, in the recent years more and more parents like full time moms or professional working mothers and fathers do sometimes use marijuana in order to keep their “sanity” and avoid too much stress, anxiety, keep their focus and priorities aligned.

This is the reason why more and more mothers have confessed in using marijuana and have claimed that it can actually make them better parents. The use of marijuana isn’t only limited to smoking pot but also from incorporating them into edibles and even creams and oils.

The stigma surrounding marijuana and parenting is becoming less and more people are now being open to the benefits that they can actually achieve.

Can marijuana make parenting easier?

Can marijuana make parenting easier?

How can marijuana use help you in being a better parent?

This may look as a big deal for some especially those who are against the use of marijuana especially now that it can involve people who are parents but a lot of people are now coming out of their marijuana closet to explain how it helps.  

1. Anxiety and stress isn’t a joke especially when you are a parent who needs to juggle your young children, your work, and being a homemaker.

A day with the kids can bring you too much exhaustion along with the stress of everyday life. Some people aren’t good with anxiety and stress and the effects that it can give you are also hard to fight.

Often times, taking up medications for anxiety and stress is the only option for people who experience this but with the use of marijuana, such as edibles in small forms can actually make a person relax without the need take in 2-3 tablets of prescriptions.

As some would say, a small portion of marijuana incorporated in a piece of chocolate can already work wonders. 

2. When you’re too occupied and stressed out but you still want to join your kids to play, can you really enjoy your bonding time together?

Most of the parents who have admitted in smoking pot or using other marijuana alternatives say that it helps them feel happiness and enjoyment and it helps them to better bond with their kids. 

3. Parents have also said that with the moderate use of marijuana, it can help them relax and fall asleep so they can feel refreshed and energized the next day. If used in moderation it can even help in dealing with medical conditions if there are any present.

A few points to remember

While the hype about all the great benefits of marijuana is really enticing, we also have to remember that marijuana is addictive. It can start as a simple recreational way to ease anxiety or stress but if you are someone who can’t control yourself and is susceptible to addiction then your marijuana use can get out of control.

One also has to remember that as parents, you are the basis of your child’s behavior. Taking marijuana in any form should be in discretion and should be hidden safely away from your children. You can use it in moderation but make sure you do it in a private time.

Marijuana and parenting is an odd combination but for some, it works out amazingly.

The secret to this is knowledge about marijuana, the discipline in using and storing your stash and most of all, use it in moderation. We all want to get all the help that we can have when it comes to parenting but being addicted to marijuana is definitely not one of them. As long as you know the pros and cons and you know how to use it well, then marijuana and parenting can actually work out together.

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