Younger Looking Hands in 5 Easy Steps


Our faces maybe shouting a decade younger than we are – so because we’ve never regret a day without doing our most precious  beauty routine.

Have you looked at your hands yet? If you have been neglecting your hands then chances are it’s giving away your MOST kept SECRET! Your AGE! First and foremost our hands needed more attention as it’s the most overworked part our body!

Here’s a quick guide on how you can give your hands some TLC!

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1. Be gentle.

Consider using a gentle hand soap or liquid hand soap in washing your hands. As this would prevent the natural oils from being stripped off from your hand.

Step 1 - How To Keep Your Hands Look Younger


2. Protect your hands.

Harsh cleaning chemicals give that hard impact on our hands and a great way to protect our hands is to wear gloves. And before putting them on apply a good deal of balm or moisturizer.

Step 2 - How To Keep Your Hands Look Younger

3. Attend to your nails.

Follow our post on How to Properly Care For Your Nails

Step 3 - How To Keep Your Hands Look Younger

4. Exfoliate.

At least once a week you have to give this tender treatment for your hands to release dry skin and to help regenerate new cells. Try this homemade hand scrub recipe as it gives your hand that smooth and younger glow!

Step 4 - How To Keep Your Hands Look Younger
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5. Dryness.

Too much exposure of our hands to water strips it off with its natural oils. Since we can’t avoid water contact we have to use a literally deep moisturizing hand cream or lotion. And from time to time I love indulging in hand paraffins as it gives the hand back its natural moisture also it helps in good blood circulation not only to the hands but the entire body.

Step 5 - How To Keep Your Hands Look Younger

6. Hyperpigmentations.

Like it or not as we age those “liver spots” will be visible. Treat this with the same anti aging cream you are using day and night! Also, lather on sunscreen to your hands especially that hands too can be exposed to the harmful UV Rays.

Step 6 - How To Keep Hands Look Younger

 7. Soften your hands.

This is something I really love doing. Just like with our feet to keep it soft and smooth. I’d like to sleep with mittens on! I simply put on my favorite hand lotion or Vaseline then slip on my mittens! And in the morning your hands have that soft and silky feel!

Step 7 - How To Keep Hands Look Younger


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Younger Looking Hands in 5 Easy Steps

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